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Hi everyone!

I`m a Norwegian 35 year old man with a huge problem, or should I say two huge problems.You all probably understand what I mean. My English isn`t all that good, so please bear with me on this. Maybe this will be good therapy for me, to shear this with you guys.
As far back as I can remember I had this problem since I was 11 or 12 years old.I remember standing  along the poolside at school  wearing nothing else than a bathing shorts. I covered my "breasts" like a woman. I love to go swimming in the summer, but instead I`m sitting on shore wearing a shorts and a t-shirts. For me this breasts are a severe problem for me, so I won`t take off my t-shirt in public, before it starts to snow in Hell. :)
A operation costs a lot of money her, over 4000,- dollars. Too much for me. But don`t get me wrong, If I had that amount of money, It would have been worth the money. I have heard that If "manboobs" problems causes mental suffering, the state can pay for that operation. But first I must go to my family doctor and explain her how big this problem is for me. I know people notices my breasts, and God how it hurts :( I always looks forward to the cold months, then I can wear a lot of clothes to cover me up. It`s sad but true. I intend to upload some pictures of my breast, so maybe you can rate the severity. I would be thankful. oh, I forgot to tell a little bit about myself. I`m 180cm tall and weighs 105 kg. But a military doctor once said that my breasts are caused by a genetic defect. Is that gynecomastia? Even if I`m overweight, my breast are bigger than they should be. I`m not joking when I say I can fill my hand with one of my boobs. I have been through a lots of diets, and I actually loses a lot of weight. One time I took of 35 kg, was 122 kg before starting my diet. But everytime I lose a lot of kilos, my breast gets more visible. So then I loses the willpower to continue my diet. I have decided to go to my doctor, cause I can`t go on no longer. I have a 5 year old daughter that loves to bath outside and at public indoor swimming pools, but everytime I must let her down, cause I can`t handle being seen like that. It breaks my heart to See how I`m letting her down, time after time. My nearest family doesn`t understand me. They say : "that`s not a womans breast". Ok, I don`t have womans breasts, but I don`t have a man`s chest either. Do anyone of you know ( maybe you had a surgery yourself) how flat my chest could be if I took a surgery? My biggest dream is to look normal. I would appreciate some answers or views. thanks!

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I feel for you brother. Just try to struggle through. Try saving for the operation if you cant get it for free. Hang in there - we know your pain.

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Hey 2much2handle-Hey man don't let it wear you down you will get there.  You just need to make a plan and set it in motion.  You will get there.  If it is importnat enough to you then you will find a way to make it happen.  I feel for you.  I am 38 years old and have been a sufferer all my life since age 8.  That's when I remember knowing I wasn't normal.  I have been very affected by this God knows it has invaded every area of my life.  I have been humiliated all my life and was teased terribly all throughout school.  I have become so use to going to elaborate measures to hide this that it has become second nature to me and I don't always even know I'm doing it.  But it hits me hard sometimes and I realize it hasn't gotten better it's gotten worse.  I hope to have the surgery in a couple years or so, seems like an eternity away but I need to save the money.  Hang in there man I support you all the way!  Write me back when you get the chance OK?  CJ

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I understand what you are going through "2much2handle." Part of the reason that I have schedule my surgery in three days is because I have a 3 and a 4 year old son, and they love the beach. Well, I want to be able to wrestle and play in the sand shirtless with them withought thinking is someone looking at my chest? There are risks in surgery and it is costly, but it is well worth the release of aguishness and freedom. Best of luck to you man.

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Had the same problem I have a small boy and couldn't or wouldnt take him swimming. I ended up paying for surgery. I don't know how bad your problem is mine was quite bad I think relatively. I now have a flat chest. Karidis working out St John Wood in London and will give you a flat chest but it'll cost about 4k plus expenses for you coming from abroad. That's it really does the problem bother you enough to pay 4k, best money I ever spent but surgery isnt for everyone.


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