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I just need to vent a bit here.

I'm 17 years old, almost done high school. High school has been some of the best, and some of the worst years of my life.

Its been the best because I've had some fun times, met some cool people and played lots of sports. But its also been the worst because I've missed out on so much. I feel like the only virgin in my school......the only reason why I'm a virgin is because I'm scared of girls seeing my body. Not only the gyno, but my body acne and stretch marks have made it difficult for me to be social around girls. I've had 1 girlfriend in my entire life and that was whenn I was like 12.....I've only dated 1 girl since high school started and she came to me because she thought I was attractive. The 2nd date I mentioned I was a virgin (bad idea i guess) and that was the end of it.

Now im supposed to be thinking about going to college and all I can think about is my body. I DO NOT want to go to college and live the way I've been living these past few years. Im sick of being an insecure pathethic virgin.

The sad thing is, that is not the worst thing about gyno for me. You see I have dreams of becoming a professional fighter.....I love to train and there is nothing I want more than to give it a try. If I didnt have my body, I would already have had some fights under my belt.....but now I see myself questioning if I will ever fight. My training partners and friends will assume I'm just scared......and they're right, but they dont know what I'm scared of. I just dont want to be seen......I want to look like every other pro fighter that Ive ever watched. I dont need people commenting on my less than perfect body.....I just cant deal with it

I dont want to live my life wondering how good I could have been. I just want to put everything i have into it and experience the rush. But I dont have the balls to let everyone see my acne covered back and chest, my fading stretch marks (lost 100 lbs) and my big puffy pink nipples. Woooooooo what a life I live.....I hate it...

Now you're saying...."just get surgery".....well you see I've tried. I told my mother about my condition probably a year ago.....and after seeing 2 doctors I'm still where I started. The last doc told me that he wouldnt do it because he would make me look worse than i do right now

What I'm thinking is that I need to find a PS. I need to fix my life....its killing me and I really dont want to miss out on these college years. I've wasted enough time in my least let me have this.

I'm going through so many scenarios in my head of what my life will become. The worst case scenario is that i never get surgery and continue to be anti socical towards women. I never marry and remain a virgin for the rest of my life and live a very lonely miserable life due to having no woman in my life and being unable to fulfill a dream of becoming a fighter. The best case scenario would be to get surgery, and to have the surgeon do a very good me the confidence that i need to talk to women and fight with my shirt off in front of lots of people.

But theres so many in not getting surgery due to financial reasons or timing issues and continuing to chase my dream of fighting, only to be made fun of by my friends, people in the crowd, my opponents etc. Or getting the surgery and not getting good results.....

Oh yeah and one more thing.......darn you gynecomastia. You have ruined my life completely and have made me into one crazy son of a bitch. I suppose its my fault for getting gyno.....I didnt just get it a kid I ate way too much and became so fat that my nipples stretched, now I have these big puffy things. I dont know if these things had anything to do with it but I smoked some pot and I use to take anti I take the blame. I hate myself.

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Hey mate I'm an 18 year old also suffering with gyno and your feelings sound so similar to mine......though my story isn't really the same.

As you might have seen I got gyno in one nipple when i was around 12 or 13 can't really remember, went to a doctor and they said not to worry it would go away.  See now this pisses me off, as I've heard if you catch gyno early and treat it, then it can go away.  I've even gone to her lately and she's said the same thing, it shouldn't bother me and maybe it is here to stay but it doesn't matter........F$#k you too you ignorant doctor, it pissed me off so much.  Just thinking that if she had treated it lately my life would be SO much easier, alot of the time I can't really think of any problems i have apart from gyno and a few body issues, I swear my life would be so incredibly good if I had a good body like so many of my friends.

I'm not THAT self concious about taking my shirt off with gyno because I can pinch my nips and they go hard, but I had to box someone once and everyone was so curious to why I kept rubbing my nips hard.  I made an excuse but I couldn't do  that every time.  It's not so bad swimming because you can do it discreetly.

Anyway I'm rambling and just want you to know I feel pretty much the same way as you.  It hasn't ruined my life because I still have good times, but it affects almost everything I do and makes me incredibly self concious.  I could dress so much better and live such a hassle free life without gyno.

Oh, and with the girls, once you've lost weight you might have the gyno to the point of where it wont show through black shirts at least (black is slimming) and they will start coming.  Don't worry too much about having sex first time, chances are you'll be in the dark or under covers so she wont be able to see.  I guess after that you can keep pinching your nips but I reckon that's pretty shitty and I'm gonna have to deal with it soon.  See most of the times I've had sex have been either with her not looking or under covers.  I'll think of something.  Right now I'm hoping for andractim to work.  Even a slight change would be worth the money.  And dont worry about being a virgin, I'm not an old fart who just says that because they dont understand, I'm 18 and just finished school, I know what the whole virgin thing is, but everyone gets over it so quick, my school went through that stage but by the time I was 18 no one cared in the slightest.

Anyway take care dude, I'll be here to talk anytime you feel like it. Keep up the struggle, life can be good with this, especially if you lose weight and feel better about yourself, unless you're already happy with your weight I couldn't tell from your post.  I've kinda got stretch marks on my hips from when I put on weight but I guess they're not too bad and can be passed for scars.  ANYWAY just letting you know you're not alone with this.

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good advice there. 

i never sweated virginity much, i'm probably a stupid romantic, but i'd rather save myself for "the one".  after the gyne goes of course. 

The worst case scenario is that i never get surgery and continue to be anti socical towards women.
naw, i think you'll deal with it.  don't let your fears get the worst of you. 

Quote not getting surgery due to financial reasons
it's expensive, but if you want it bad enough a second job for a year or less can be done. 

Or getting the surgery and not getting good results.....
if the ps is reasonably competent, the odds favor you.  even really bad jobs can usually be fixed with a revision, and you're going to avoid that with a little research beforehand. 

I hate myself.
don't.  hate the gyne.  it is not you and you are not it. 

Oh yeah and one more thing.......darn you gynecomastia. You have ruined my life completely and have made me into one crazy son of a bitch.
right on, man.  where's the thumbs-up icon and the wacky-faced one that yahoo im gives you.   

* a man is more than a body will ever tell
* if it screws up your life the same, is there really any such thing as "mild" gyne?

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Your stories very similar to mine.

it's expensive, but if you want it bad enough a second job for a year or less can be done. 

my problem is I cant get a job. No one and i mean no one will hire; they tell me I'm to 'young' but my friends who are the same age work there.
Im so f&#cking sick of one problem after another.


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