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I'm using this as my journal, and I know my story is similar to a lot of people on this website, but I want to share my story.  I'm just starting to do research on gynecomastia. It's so cool that this website exists and that there is support out there for people with this condition. I've had this condition as far back as I could remember. I remember being in elementary school, and realizing that there was something different between my appearance and the appearance of my friends. As I hit puberty, my chest grew out so much. I remember being so embarassed in gym class, because we had to change into P.E uniforms, and I really hated our mandatory swimming class. But, as the years passed by, nothing that I could do, would make my breasts go away. I started to wear larger clothes, and, until this day, I wear clothes that are way too big for me. I've spent years exercising and eating right, everything else on my body would change, but my breasts stayed the same. Even when I had cancer, and was 160 lbs, and looking like a skeleton, my fucking breasts were still there! LOL It's redicoulus and even impressive of ways that I tried to hide my breasts. I fold my arms, pretending it's "cold," even when it's 100 deg outside. Or, I have an itch on my shoulder and I use my opposite arm to cover my breasts. One more, :) I have to get something from my back pack and I swing it in front of me to cover my front side, pretending that it's easier to get something that way. LOL

 I'm beginning this journey, and I'm going to get surgery. I'm tired of not wearing a shirt, because there's a slight breeze outside and I don't want the wind showing my breasts. I understand that surgery, at the most costs $7,000, and that's a long way from where I'm starting now, but I'm going to get there. I'm also wondering if going to another country would be cheaper, but without lacking the quality I would find here in the U.S.A. Maybe Canada???

           Thanks for reading! Any questions, comments, and suggestions are appreciated!


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this post is kind of making me confused...... ???


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