Author Topic: Finally taking steps for my gyno. Would appreciate feedback on my current gyno  (Read 6844 times)

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I am convinced I have gynecomastia, it's been haunting me since grade school. I told myself that when I have the financial means, I will finally take steps to getting this surgery. Now that I have a big boy job with my loans almost paid off, I finally booked an appointment for consultation which is in about 8 hours. A little bit nervous about it but it would give me some peace of mind if some of you could comment on the gyno I currently have (is it necessary, is it actually gyno? is it as bad as I think it is or is it in my head? can I work on this myself instead of surgery?).

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Here's one more. Let me know if you need a better angle

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Rarely are there physical problems related to Gynecomastia. The effect is usually on the person's sense of self esteem. 
Size does not really matter, What matters is how the condition affects you.  If you are socially withdrawn and shy because of it then it is bad.  If you don't let it bother you, then it is not bad.  
So looking at your pictures tells me nothing. The fact that you are here looking for help tells me a lot. 
Yes, you do indeed have Gynecomastia, but only you can tell me how bad it is. 
Grandpa Dan

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You do have gyne and if it has been present for a number of years, then no amount of diet or exercise will remove it entirely -- you would require surgery.

Would strongly advise you to do your homework and try to visit an expert in gyne surgery in your area.  And if there is none, then consider traveling for such expertise.

Most important advice is not to make the cost of the procedure your over-riding priority.  You may save a few bucks initially, but if the results are disappointing, you will have to repeat the surgery and pay additionally.

Best of luck!

Dr Jacobs
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Here's one more. Let me know if you need a better angle

Brother, it may well be, but your still at a barely noticable degree of it. Im sure you are painfully aware of its existence, but trust me i dont think theres enough there to cause you any embarressment.  Id consult your physician about it and see what can be done to hinder or stop it. Im 56 and have had it in varying degrees for over 20 years, mine couldnt be stopped, because of a neccessary medication, during my hospitalizations. Heres a picture of what mine looks like, its drastic so dont panic i doubt your exposed to the medications i was .

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How did your gynecomastia consultation go for you? 
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