Author Topic: Have no feeling In one of the nipples ??  (Read 2948 times)

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This is my first thread, and i just had a gyno-surgery in Sweden 2days ago.
So long im very happy with the results compared to how I look like before.
Have some swelling but its starts to go down (I think)... anyway...
What concerns me right now is that I cant feel my right nipple ?? Have no feeling in it! My left one I can feel but not the other one.
They did a gland removal through the nipples!

Is this normal to loose the feeling in the nipples in the beginning ???


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Who performed the surgery?

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You're only 2 days post-op, so the lack of sensation in your nipples is completely normal.  After a month or two, your nipples should start tingling a lot and they'll be very sensitive.  That's when the nerve endings in them are "getting started" again. 

It's normal, don't worry.   ;)
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Surgery performed on July 18, 2008 by
Dr. Jeffrey Wagner in Indianapolis, IN.
(Excision and Liposuction)

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Who performed the surgery?

By Peter Cosmo in Sweden... can recommend him if you live in Sweden !
So far I'm very happy whit the result... the only thing that worried me was the feeling in the nipple, but looks like its normal...


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