Author Topic: im 15, is this ever gonna go anyway?  (Read 3441 times)

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Im 15 and i have had these lumps under both my nipples for 3 years. After doing research i realized that it should have disappeared within a couple months to  a year, well its been 3 years and i still have it will it go away?

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u r 100% normal in my point of view lets see other opinions

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Doesn't look like there's a gland present, and very little fat. You seem to be in good shape. I don't think you have gynecomastia, but it's hard to tell from one picture. If you want a more accurate assesment, upload some more photos, from diffrent angles.

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Looks good considering that pic. Posting a pic with your entire chest would enable us to give you a more straightforward opinion on it...


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