Author Topic: Are my areolas more feminine?  (Read 2424 times)


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Hello everyone. I was just inspecting myself after a shower and all of a sudden I seemed no notice my areolas looked bigger than I remember. I have felt off and on pains in my upper pictorials the past month or two but very intermittent, and I noticed a slight growth in my breasts. I was just wondering what your opinions on my nipple/areola was? Being homeschooling for the latter part of my schooling, I never really spent much time in a locker room to really see guys nips (in a non weird way) to know if mine are more of a mens nip or if my areolas are in fact growing with the rest of my breast. If I perform a solid scoop and swoop, I am now bulging out of my C cup, but a little bit of that is the annoying side boob so it soon settles back out and I fit a C cup well again. I used to just fit a c cup well after a scoop and swoop, not overfill it.... what are your opinions? I haven't had any pains or feelings of growth under my nipples so I'm not sure if I'm just overthinking it or if its sneaking in on me....

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hard to tell about your aereolas from the pic. as far as the twinges thats the skin and muscle starting to expand. I had it for the 12 years I was on hrt and still get it on occasion from all the normal meds I take that cause growth. if I prees they still feel soar

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Perhaps the nipple looks enlarged.
If the bra fits, wear it.

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The only way to tell is to compare them to an older picture. 

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Agreed that this doesn't "look" female to me, male nipples will also firm up and point out under various conditions, like being cold, and your areolas are still very small compared to a woman's from my experiences to date.

That doesn't mean nothing is going on, you should compare against prior pictures if possible, and having ANY pain is something I would seriously recommend you bring up with your primary doctor.  What you need to figure out is if this is new adipose tissue (aka fat) or new breast tissue. He/she is going to be the best judge as to if this is a concern for you (be it medical or cosmetic) and will be the one person best able to grant you the necessary referral(s) to determine the root cause of this concern, if it's not obvious to them.

You likely won't get the radiography you need to answer your question(s) until you take this matter up with your primary doctor, plain and simple.


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