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I have had gynecomastia for 52 years.  My breasts are large enough that they show through all normal clothing. Currently they are about 52DD. The two pictures included here that are in a shirt were taken in the garden last week at different angles showing how they show through shirts.  I had not worn a t-shirt since I turned 11 until 5 years ago because of gynecomastia and stomach size.  My belly was bloated up like I was 9 months pregnant, the size of a basketball and just as hard. I'm not including my melons,tomatoes and cucumber in the pictures as this forum isn't about vegetables.  ;)

The picture with hair dates back about 6 years when I had not yet taken off 85 pounds of water (nutritional deficiencies) and am all bloated up. At that time my thigh muscles had atrophied down to the thickness of my thumb and all other muscles in my body were equally atrophied.

As can be seen with the hairless picture taken last week there is more muscle visible and less bloat.  My breasts show the difference with less bloat and some muscle visible on my left side because of arm position.


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