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I know that gyno may not be the proudest area of our lives, but coming to embrace it, we should be proud of it in a way as it is our bodies and we should embrace that. I had just noticed that I never saw a thread dedicated to us showing what we were given. It would be a good place to share a pic or two of where we are at in our journey, give a bit of history, tell some stories, and be a good thread for those who are just starting this amazing journey to look and see that they aren't the only ones dealing with what we deal with. Remove if something like this isn't allowed, but I figured a single post of everyone sharing if they were comfortable might be a good thing. I will start out. I wear a 36C and have had bigger breasts than my peers since middle grade. Jist earlier this year I found this sight and everything made sense. I started wearing a bra to support me and have never looked back

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Might want to start this in the acceptance area. 


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I figured this would fit better under the photos section as just a place to collaborate pictures for fun. A place for everyone to share their pictures under one thread. I may move it over to the acceptance section if it would fit better there though. 

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Maybe Photos in Acceptance?

BTW, you have reason to be proud. 


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