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Im am going in for a first consultation with Dr. Fenner in the Chicago area tomorrow. I've had it this bad since about 14 years old and now i'm in my 20's. After high school I basically became a hermit and my social skills are very poor now. Needless to say it's done a lot of emotional damage on me.

I lost weight and that didn't help because the glandular tissue didn't go a way at all. I'm now a little heavier at about 5'10" 210 lbs. But I'm finally going to change it because it's holding me back so much; I figure after I get it done I'll be less embarrassed about exercising in public. So the extra fat isn't even what bothers me, since i know I can lose it. It is the extreme puffiness of the nipples that is the problem.

Anyone have a condition this severe? How much of a change should I expect after surgery?

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Dropping the fat will definitely boost your self esteem,
altho the gyne will not go, but your chest will have a nice shape,

Good luck on the op, you will no doubt notice a big change.
And your case isn't that severe.


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