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I'm 17 and living in Québec, Canada. Hello! ;) I had my surgery exactly 2 weeks ago and feel so happy, I have to tell everyone here! Sorry if my english is not that good!

I was always overweight and never thought much of my "boobs"(I always hated called them that). But when I grew up and my weight stayed the same, it became apparent. I was rarely picked at school due to going to a private school where everything is more restricted and people are often more respectuous, but I still got picked on by a select few. I didn't have any confidence at all and I wasn't much social, a problem that was hindered by gynecomastia.

I don't remember everything clearly but I remember seeing a pediatrist for the problem who refered me to an endocrinologist. I was happy to know I wasn't the only one with the problem(and very happy about discovering this website, but only for AFTER the op. I just prefer it that way).

So, I went and got pills made primarily for women going trough menopose for 2 years. It worked a little but not much, I was still unconfortable. I had decided for the pills first since I was still yound but it unfortunately stayed. I learned that the surgery could be paid since I wasn't 18 yet, much relief! So we got a recommendation for a surgeon. We went to check two of them and my mother(thanks to her!) pushed a lot so we could get it the soonest possible.

Meanwhile, I had started going out and becoming more sociable, getting more friends, etc. But I still was unconfortable with this problem. I still remember hunching my shoulders or wearing puffy shirts. Most people never saw it or I saw them looking at it without them consciously remarking it, I just couldn't wait for the op. Plus, there was some occasionnal pain, like some women can have(as I heard) and when people pinched, I HATED IT. I was able to tell some of my friends but was still uneasy even with those I trusted. Last summer, I didn't even go to a pool, only in my spa, and then, only one time with some unrelated friends(at my after-prom at my house :)). I also remember getting them in my hands during metro rides because they shaked and I hated it. Luckily, all medical personel was very courteous about it and they ALL agreed that it was not normal for the rest of my body to have "boobs". I still remember telling a doctor "pectorals" and him responding that it was breasts. I can still feel the shock as it hit me, he wasn't harsh or anything, I just got out of denial of it.

So, spring break from my first year of college(or Cégep) was coming and since I had already gone to pre-op at the Cité de la Santé de Laval for Dr. Richard Lapointe we called to schedule the operation during it. While waiting for it, I was actually able to tell a few new friends about it and they understood completely and supported me. I was still scared of telling some specific people but finnally got to it with biiiiiiiiiiiig uneasyness but it was a great step.

So, I went there on monday and we had to arrive 4½ hours in advance(we were told 4). I went there with my mother and grand-mother(she came more to accompany my mother during the wait and we didn't know what I would act like after the op). I got installed and was STILL very unconfortable. I had forgotten to take photos just before leaving and I do not regret at all, I don't need to remember it! I read a book and time went fast, op time came! I was a little scared and I arrived and everyone in the op room was very courteous and I saw the doctor briefly become I went to sleep. I chose full anestesy because I didn't want to be awake duing the op. I woke up feeling dizzy and the normal effects of post-op. I had bandages and it already felt better!

I slept for a few hours and left four hours after the operation. I slept through the next day, happy not having to retake all those classes I could've missed. In two days, I was up! I could've stopped taking the pills the day after but I still took them as I was warned to do so in advance, because the pain could be bad. Four days later, I finnally for out of the house for a small night of drinking! :D The next day, I was all ok and even told more people, but still feeling a LITTLE(only!) uneasy. I was already MUCH more confident, especially seeing the diffenrence in my shirt and people also seeing it.

The only problem is that I missed Dream Theater for a small lack of money and because well, the most pit wouldn't have been good right after the operation!::) I can have no fear of being grabbed during these later! ;D

I can't wear any backpacks for two weeks at least but it's worth it!

As I cam back, I was bothered by the drains(but much less than gynecomastia) and tight bandages. A week after on Wednesday, I got to see the doctor. He told me he was impressed by the size of them before the operation for someone as thin as me. After having everything removed(with very small pain), my nipples were still a little big but it was nevertheless better than before, and only for a few weeks! I got papers for physical education exemption(couldn't do ANYTHING).

I got on phys ed. on last friday and the teacher saw a BIG diffence in appearance and confidence! I was happy with the response from my friends and especially an adult I talked to before(I had to warn him before the op). I got the theory and left when the work-out began. I wasn't much happy because this was the best phys. ed. class I had been but again, it's all worth it!

Now I still have some small bandages/tape over the cuts but it's been healing well. Some of it is starting to go away by itself.

The changes in confidence have been incredible coupled with it ever-increasing for the last few months(since high school has ended...!). In two weeks, I found myself to be able to do lots more things I was too scared to do or days before. And my back is less and less hunched and I can wear my shirts WITHOUT THINKING OF THEM. And the best of all, I can rub my chest! 8)

I feel more and more confortable telling people of it since there are no more problems!

I'm still a little scared of the healing but I'm sure it'll got well, and it can't be worse than it was before, it's already much better now, even with the smaller(each day!) swelling! One side had healed much faster but it's getting better each day!

Whew, that was long but it rid my head of all those things I hadn't explained thoroughly. I just CAN'T explain the difference in confidence I feel, it's too major with all the changes that had been happening from at least three months. I'm already more confident than two days ago with everything that happens! It's impossible to describe, it's like a drug! It's not less weight on my shoulders, it's less in the front! Honestly,  I feel like I can easily go out and meet new people and not care if they like me or not, as long as I'm happy with who I am(even with breasts!).

I was happy to discover this site from Wikipedia and see that people went through the same things as me and had the same feelings as me! I saw a photo from november that was taken from far away and the difference just... shocked me... Thanks for reading all through if you did! In a month at least, I'll beging going to the gym!
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