Author Topic: 38 years old finally ive decided to do something about my gyno  (Read 1742 times)

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My story
Well i first started to develop this condition at 13.  At that time had no idea what it was.  Being a teenager with low confidence made it even worse.  I quickly became self conscious after a friend noticed it while i was getting changed for games/sports.  I then took drastic measures basically never taking part in sports because of the fear of other guys noticing.  Also i went to a all boys school.  My friend could see i was upset about it and never mentioned it again.
I do remember one occasion when i did take part in sports and we played football in doors(soccer).  The teacher started pickinng the teams and said this side shirts off.  Lucky i was the shirts on side.  i nearly died that day.  What made it worse is i am skinny.  How i got away with missing so much sport was i wrote my own sick notes and forged my mums signiture.  I really liked sports.
When i left school at 16 it was a huge relief.  As i got to 20s it did not look so bad.  i remember going swimming.  I had my first girlfriend about 27 and she didnt care.  In some ways i took my eye off the ball as i put on weight.  When the relationship ended i relized i had developed alot more breast tissue.  i was only a stone over weight.  Anyway i remeber i had a fling with a girl.  I was really self concious making sure to lights where off.  I started only wearing printed shirts.  A few people still noticed and said i had moobs.

At 38 i decided i wanted to get surgery.  Im not concerned with having a flat chest only to be able to wear what i want with out being self concious.  I decided to have lipo only.  Im one week after surgery and very happy with result.  Its literally  a big weight of my chest.


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