Author Topic: 5 weeks post Gynecomastia surgery - still not flat! :-(  (Read 1360 times)

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I had my gynecomastia surgery on the 1st of April. The surgeon suggested me to have gland excision + lipo, but ended up doing only excision on the day-of because there was 'nothing to lipo'. It's been 5 weeks now and I still have a protruding chest almost as before, now with damaged nipples (the left one looks so bad). I've been wearing my vest everyday, day in and day out, except for an hour to shower. When I sent pictures to my nurse, she said 'it's still swollen and will take many weeks to subdue'. I'm confused with that reply cos most people i see online get flat on the day of the surgery itself. The surgeon has no follow up dates available so I only see him at the 12 week mark.
My only hope is my silhoutte with the compression vest on, I like my shape when I'm wearing it and if that's my final result, heck yeah I'll take it. Sadly when I take it off, everything looks just as bad as it used to be. I was hoping to wear a white shirt with a flat chest but i have no idea how long will that take.
Is the shape you get with the compression vest your 'final' shape after recovery? How long does it take for swelling to subside? After 5 weeks and $6 odd thousand, I'm starting to get anxious and depressed with my results. Any feedback or thoughts would be appreciated.

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Here are my thoughts:
Your gynecomastia looks like it was pretty mild. You look good in both before and after, but I can see that your chest is less bosomy.
My followup was 3 or 4 days after surgery. 12 weeks for you? I don't understand that.
Your chest is hairy. They shaved around my nips and the compression vest caused most of my chest hair to fall out.

At 5 weeks I still had a good amount of swelling. When people say you should wait 6 months before getting concerned, they're right. My chest was changing and healing in different ways for a year. My nipples healed with no visible scars.

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Thank you so much for your reply, your experience definitely puts my mind at ease a bit, I was basing my recovery off men who get a super flat chest on the day of surgery itself. 

I did have a follow up on the 3rd day after surgery, which was mainly to take my drains off. The only thing I was told was keep wearing my garment. 

I was actually told not to shave my chest to avoid ingrown hairs during surgery recovery, hence I just let it go crazy lol.

Thank you again, I have some assurance now to stay patient! :-)

Question for you though, was your final shape or chest profile after recovery same as the shape the compression garment provided during recovery? The garment really flattens me up and if that's what it'll eventually look like, I'll be super happy! 


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