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it has almost been a  year and i have been back under the knife 3 times.  the most recent was a week ago.  every time it has been a small incision under the nipple.  this time, i couldnt really tell what was going on, however, i am just now taking bandages off and it looks as though they cut from all angles right over the actual tip.  it looks pretty grusume and bad ... but it has only been a week.  can someone please offer some feedback.. i would appreciate it so much.
ps. the first two times the result was that the area was left hardend and still sticking out.  also hemoatoma twice.
dr's name: haven barlow
please please please some insight

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northern VA? haven barlow? he does only lipo, i had a consult with him....did u get lipo only??
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it's always messy starting off, but you know that already.  can you post a pic. 
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