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Hey there everyone I see the weather reports of the nice weather coming and a small part of me gets excited and then the dread comes over me like a dark cloud. It's the same feeling I've had every year for as long as I can remember,how am I going to hide my chest? As a kid who was always chubby I would have given anything to not have man boobs and to this day I would rather be 400 lbs than have man boobs.I see fat guys all the time without them .I have what I would an extreme case I've seen all kinds of gyno pics and very rarely seen any as large as mine.I had surgery a few years ago and allot of tissue including extra skin was removed but I don't like the results. I need to lose weight but it's a viscous cycle like last time why lose the weight if my chest really won't look any different.I don't want this to sound like a sob story because I know there are people who have far worst diseases and disfiguerments and lead normal lives but I can't get past my chest it has affected every aspect of my life. I can feel what I'm capable of inside and get glimmners of my potential but again I can't get over my look. I'm not a vain guy I don't want perfection just to feel normal as I never have. I'm literally at the point where I feel like going to get the surgery right now and just don't worry about the money or my job and just start over at 45 years old so much time has gone by. I'm generally a happy person and most things don't phase me but I need a real change soon . I just felt like venting here as this is my first time on the forum and I'm glad I found it.   

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There are some full body swimsuits made of fabrics that are very slick to water. They are worn by competitive swimmers. They just accidentally hide Gynecomastia fairly well.

A little less technical, is a rash guard top for swimming. They too hide a lot.

Spend a little time in a sporting goods store and you may find something of great value.
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I understand the thought process of thinking other people have worse diseases and situations - and it might seem almost silly to be saying you are suffering just cuz your chest is fat etc.

But - for some people it's just not an option to have the luxury to think that and leave it at that. It's like how some bodybuilders - it's a mental disorder. The need to be huge, extreme, and the lengths and sacrifices they go to to make it happen. No matter how hard they work their physical appearance - it's their brain that keeps then unhappy.

So - sure someone with cancer might have a physical ailment - but it doesn't mean the psychological effects of our appearance isn't just as dangerous - with the depression and anxiety and regret etc.

So - the only thing I can offer is that I waited until I was 40 to get it done, and I really, really, really, wish I had done it 20 years ago.

With the warm sunny weather I've been having lately - I can relate to the feeling of starting new. Cuz it is new to me to actually be proud to take off my shirt outside...

$ might cause a hardship for you if you don't have it, but all those years with money - I wasn't able to enjoy stuff the way I wanted too. Clothes, water slides, beaches etc. Everywhere I went - 6 months a year I was so unhappy...

I'd rather have less money - and be happy.

If you decide to get the surgery good luck!

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Agree^ Im so flippin happy right now. I sold my Silverado to pay for it. Im poor right now but Im walking on sunshine. Money comes and goes.


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