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I have recently had gynecomastia surgery will bilateral gland removal with some Lypo recovering well so far or well I thought.
Surgery Date 30.07.2020
Main bandages following surgery were kept on for 3 days and then only compression vest for 2 weeks but I have left it on until this issue is resolved. Some mild scare tissue but constant massaging is being done for this.
When I am relaxed over my left peck there seems to be a scar showing, when I lift my shoulder slightly it fades out. My surgeon said it would subside but its been almost a week now I thought it might have been a dent from the vest but there is no change and only on one side. I have another appointment with him mid-September
The screen shots are before photos. And Pic 1 & 2 is what I am faced with?
Just wanted to ask has anyone seen this before? If so did it resolve its self with diet and exercise, or would revision surgery or kenalog injections be required?

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not sure what the injections involve, I would avoid that.

Healing from incision or lipo surgery where fat or tissue is removed takes a long time. You cannot expect results in only a few weeks. A pressure vest should normally be worn for at least 6 weeks and after this the body still takes a long time to heal, for harder scarring tissue to dissipate and any bumps to fill-in again.

So my advice would be to be patient. If you jump into another surgery I think this is quite risky. It could be 6-12 months until your body is properly healed and then you may still have some scar tissue retained.

The bump you have may hopefully improve, but it may also never be 100% to what you'd hope. That is the risk involved with surgery I'm afraid but you have to bear with the healing process...

Sorry for no quick answers. Let us know how you get on and all the best with your recovery.


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