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Plastic surgery for removing my gynocomastia was the absolute best decision I ever made, and it was the single most life altering thing ever to happen to me.

When I was 14 or 15 I went to play HS football, I'm not a jock, but I figured something physical would be good.  We all had a physical and this is when the plague was first identified.  The doc told me that's what I had, and it would go away.  I was a little chunky, but not obese, so the doc said gain muscle, and it should minimize the appearance in the mean time.  Sound advice, save that it didn't just go away.

I don't want to rehash all the horrible name calling, the mocking, or the low self esteem that went with it.  I was miserable, and my father was certainly no help.  Such is life.

Enter years more of hell (developed it at 10-11-12, I forget) I finally got sick of it and decided to consult an endocrineologist.  If it wasn't for the fact that I had blocked out much of the time from 10-18 I would have remembered his name, he was a good compassionate man.  He tested me, and my test levels were low, so he put me on andro patches.  Sadly they didn't work and suggest the plastic surgeon that was doing his wife's rebuild from breast cancer.

I spoke to the plastic surgeon, another great and compassionate man, sadly his name escapes me as well.  He knew off that bat it was bad, and he was very honest saying he'll take off as much as he can, but if he took all fat too I would look strange.  Very shortly after I went under the knife, I was just about to turn 18 and was in my first year of college.  I had to take maybe 2 days off of school, but considering the possibilites I was happy to do so.  I even got word that our rather tight medical insurance was willing to foot the bill because of the pictures they received.  Until now I never realized how much has been blocked from my mind, I know it was bad in my mind, perhaps a large A cup, maybe small B, but I can't recall specifics.  

The anesthesia went in, and when I awoke I was taped down with an ace bandage and two resiviours for blood with tubes coming from my arm pits.  A week later I had those removed, and a week or so after that the bandage was finally off.

It was the greatest feeling in the world.  No more bounce running up stairs, no more need to wear obscenely tight t-shirts under other shirts, no more reason to shy from girls, no more reason to be upset.  Within weeks I had my first girlfriend, months later I was not only no-longer a virgin, but dare I say a womanizer.

If only I was a great writer, with wonderful with alegory and poetic prose I might be able to scratch the surface of what a tremendous impact the surgery made on my mental well being.

I was fortunate to have a supportive mother, two wonderful doctors to give me gold-guilded advice, and enough will to talk to the doctors about what was bothering me, and look for solutions.

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I know exactly how you feel!

I like to think back on my op as like being re-born.

I walked down the corridor dead straight, not hunched, and nobody stared at my chest when they walked by.  Just another male walking around.

I think of those few days in hospital, nearly 12 years ago, with a great nostalgia.  I was a new person after it, gave up drinking, got a job, got fit, was happy...

Yes, it was a re-birth!

You described it so well!

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