Author Topic: Doctor recommended lipo and possibly incision if needed. Thoughts?  (Read 1039 times)

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Hello everyone, I am tall and pretty lean. I was surprised when the surgeon told me he didn't feel much tissue and thought he would probably only need to do lipo. I have puffy nipples so I read that not removing the gland might make my nipples remain puffy. I just emailed him to ask if that's because he believes I have pseudo gynecomastia and if he could guarantee he could get rid of the puffy nipples. Any similar stories/ any advice??!!

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no surgeon or procedure will be able to 'guarantee' the result you want, there is always risk involved. But they should be able to tell you the likelihood and what is possible depending on different procedures.

From your photos looks like you do have gyno to some extent. Advice would be to speak to as many professionals as you can for opinion and go with who you feel most confident in. Surgeons should also be able to show you before / after photos of their previous patients for comparison.


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