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Hello All,
I'm not new to this site just newly registered. I have been following some of the stories of yours and I am glad to see so many coming to terms and going forth with correcting their gynecomastia.
I've posted this in the Post Surgery sub as well with a question to healing with the more severe gyneco. surgeries.

Back Story- I've had it since puberty only increasing in severity along the way. After one endocrinologist gave me testosterone to treat it only exasperated the problem I lost insurance and went another 3 years untreated. Finally after moving to Las Vegas and having another Endocrinologist, it was found that the problem was not low T but low globulin causing too much free testosterone converting to estrogen and built up real breast tissue over the years. Long story short, after treating it for 2 years I was finally got the go ahead for surgery. working in the operating room I have been able to see the work of several surgeons and it was easy to find the specialist I wanted. After consulting and going forth with planning surgery I sat back and waited. That was May, after calling the office last week to check on the status and was surprised with the announcement that I was scheduled for surgery on the 9th of November. Now I am rushing around to get everything ready and still a little in shock after waiting 14 years to deal with this.

So hopefully all goes well and I will be joining all of you with the success stories. Thanks for all of the info you guys have provided and inspiration.


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