Author Topic: Gyn was the start of my depression  (Read 2363 times)

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I say Im jealous to those people with happy surgery results story. I hope in the future my story is happiest as everyone is. On the other hand, I am happy to hear success story. I know how painful it is. Man if the devil told me he/she can fix it but i have to give my soul, I will. I hate gyne and want to ge rid of them but no money, not even a dollar on my pocket. I hope someone will help me.

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How old are you?

At least take comfort in knowing you're not alone. There is an entire community of men here being affected by the same thing you are.

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You can't be passive and hope some Knight in Shining Armor is going to help.  If you want solutions it's up to you to create them.  That could be from working to get the $$$ for surgery or working on your attitude and confidence and maybe sliding your chest down the list of things you worry about.  Go for it.

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Get a job or a second job.  Sell blood, walk dogs, mow lawns.  Do what it takes (legally) to get and save some money and you'll realize how quickly you'll be on your way to getting rid of your gyne.  Get a credit card and put the procedure on that and pay it off monthly.  

There is a short list of things about myself that makes me unhappy and now I can scratch off gyne (better not talk to soon because I'm only 9 days post op but I trust Dr. Fielding).  

Good luck to you but it's up to you to take that first step.  

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There are a million ways to pay for gyne surgery. The hardest one is insurance though mine is not headed in a good direction. Jobs, Credit card, borrowing, selling stuff you don't need anymore, bank loans. You can also negotiate on the price of surgery. You can automatically get as much as 25-40% off of the price. Unless the surgeon has huge amounts of business. It is just like buying a car. Lets say you see a specialist and your surgery estimate would be $4000-5000 which it usually is. Here is what you can do if you are an adult or have understanding parents. You can tell the surgeon for example I am going to pay upfront for this surgery and am looking for a discount or better rate. Surgeons want as much up front cash business as possible so most will take this offer up. Negotiate a price (first build up some cash) and get it done faster. Negotiating a price will put more money back in your pocket and will speed up the saving and money process to a gyne free life. Anyone who tells you you can't negotiate a price on surgery because surgeons costs are high is lying. Sure, I won't lie and say they are not. But, I have done a lot of research and it looks like the estimated total cost for a gyne surgery in my area with room, anestsia expenses, and surgeon costs is about $1200-2000 depending on the surgeon. If you negotiate a price of $2800 for example and the surgeons costs are $1800 they are making a grand in profit. On larger amounts of money lower profits like a few hundred dollars is still a lot of money in the end. And plenty of people are paying full price as plenty of people are paying negotiated prices so there is enough of a balance to make large enough profits to stay in the business. Good luck with getting your surgery and every penny you make, or get keep it. I am starting to save again and am quickly getting closer and closer to the amount I need. Figure something out and before you know it you will be there.


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