Author Topic: is it gyne? or do i just hold more fat there  (Read 1902 times)

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well, ill start off by saying i posted a thread with pics in the pictures area but only one person replied so ill just post another here so ican get it around more... i always think back to that dreaded day when i was around 15 that i was getting a blood test at my doctor, and i asked him about my chest, because i noticed it had fat and my nipples were bigger than other ppls... he felt around and said it was just fat and pushups would suffice... years passed and nothing happened, it was never really a problem for me tho, i went and still go into pools without a shirt, ppl pinch my nipples joking around and i just laugh about it, i was never really affected by it... until i started hitting the gym, i always thought i had it because of my extra weight, but now i realized it could possibly be a problem... i was a bit over weight a little while back weighing at 187lbs and am 5'10.. i started hitting the gym and have cut down to 165lbs... now its when it started bothering me =/.. i lose and lose weight and drop in Body fat % but the fat remains on my chest... i have even stoped working out my mid and lower chest area and have mainly focused on incline and upper chest to try to even it out, but nothign really seems to work... my goal right now is to cut down to 159lbs... and see how my chest looks from there... i learned about gyno not too long ago, but the thing is i dont feel anything behind or around my nipple that is hard... only fat, i never have pain, and when iflex my chest and feel there is only my chest muscle and then a nice amount of fat ontop, its very soft so im guessing my body, since everyones body holds more fat in certain places, just happens to hold more fat, since i know many of you will have more knowledge on the topic, here are some pics... let me know what you think, and rem., i feel no hard button like mass behind or around my nipples, the extra skin is very soft and feels just like fat, and no pain in my chest or nipples


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