Author Topic: Gynecomastia in the Military!  (Read 2954 times)

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      I am a 21 year old that is getting ready to leave for the marine corps boot camp in San Diego March 19th.  I have had gyno since my freshman year in high school.  I'll never forget the time one of my friends grabbed my nipple as a joke and I was like what the hell...and he said have some type of cancer in your nipple.  From that day six years ago I have begun my research on gyno and let me tell you it has been an adventure.  I have been so self conscious about my issue.  Doing things such as wearing darker shirts with print on the front seems to help.  Also I have lifted weights and played sports all my life.  I work out in nothing but a dark cut off shirt with a wife beater underneath. Even though my close friend thinks its no big deal it is to me.  I'm not one of the types on here that actually has bra type gyno but i have it.  It is very depressing that the more lifting you do the worst it shows through shirts.  I will try to upload pictures.  Any way the point of this story is after two years of college and two more years of working I made the decision to join the united states marine corps as a avionics man in the enlisted field for now.  I leave for bootcamp march 19th and I'm not going to lie I have thought about those tight green shirts several times.  I have researched this sight and have read many stories of military tri care covering the cost of the surgery.  Please people help me out.  I have 13 weeks of boot camp, 6 weeks of mct and then I guess I will get stationed at my school somewhere in the usa.  I noticed that surgeons perform these surgeries quite frequently in the military and this is obviously a common disorder.  My parents think it is the most ignorant thing to get surgery on my chest.  So since the years have past I have put it off prioritizing other things but continuing to be so self conscious and depressed about the issue.  I want to know any one who has been in the military to help me out on the best way to play the system to get this surgery done in the military.  I also know that every one says..ohh don't do it get a specialist to do the surgery...well people I have a kid and bills so 7000 isn't in the picture and man taking the leave and hotels and keeping it a secret from the military.  Well that just sounds impossible.  I just want someone on here to actually give me the process on how to get this handled so when i get more muscle I can wear that tight shirt and know in my own mind...dang i look good.  please help me out here guys.


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