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Hey guys, long time reader, never posted, hell, never joined! I love this site and reading about peoples experiences.
This issue has plagued me since I was in grade 9, since I was 13 years old. I am 26 now. I am going to tell my story on Gynecomastia and share it with anyone that cares to read it. I hope some people find it informative

Reasons for getting it done. 

I always thought I was fat, my parents and friends just drilled it into my head that I need to lose weight and it will go away naturally. I don’t think they’re wrong, but they’re not completely right. I would never achieve a flat chest, and this alone is so discouraging. I lost about 40 pounds prior to my consult in the last 24 months, and I’m hoping the surgery and re-motivate me to lose more weight and come down to a more normal 200-205 pounds
I’ve had girls, poke them and ask ‘whats that’. I’ve had a girl cup my chest and say, ‘boobie’. This has limited me to do so much in life, and I’m sick of it. Time to do something.

A little about me:
I come from an Indian descent, Canadian born. I am 6 foot and 3 inches. Current weight (July 18, 2012) 230 pounds. I am about 20 pounds heavier than I should be.
Initial consultation – mid July 2012.
Prior to this, I saw Dr. Backstein. Nice guy, very funny. But I will only be talking about my experience with Dr. Fielding.
Office is quaint, nice, simple. Great view. He has brochures out for people to read on medical cosmetic financing if you guys need extra info.
•Appoint is a 4:30pm, he takes me in a bit earlier, during the appoint me he asks
•Family background, countries where they are boring
•Height, weight, occupation
•Current allergies or medication that I’m on
•Takes size of breast, diameter of nipple. Feels for size and I’m guessing weight?
•Chit chats for a bit which makes me feel at ease, cracks some jokes
•Felt slightly rushed.
From there, once he’s collected the information he will share his thoughts on what is needed to be done to achieve results. He’s fairly detailed, even shows on paper what he’ll be doing instead of just speaking. I kind of wish I took a copy of the paper. He doesn’t sugar coat anything, he tells you straight up if you’re gonna get 80-85-90% of the achieved results. In my case, we’re shooting for an 80-85% improvement.
I have Gynecomastia mixed with pseudo-gynecomastia and I am having it all removed. I’ve scheduled my operation for starting of October. The next post will be about my pre-op appointment.

Cost - all in 3300.
10% deposit due upon booking
Remaining due on Pre-op appointment

Wish me luck!

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Hi this is my first post. I am 27 years old. ive had gynecomastia for the last 12 years, that i can  remember. Ive always wanted to get it done, and I always had it my head that it would gradually go away, but it hasnt. My current weight is 220 pounds, 5"11".

I also had a consultation with Dr backstein over a year ago, funny guy.
I met with dr fielding, back in October. He is a very professional, cracks jokes and makes you at ease.
I am going schedule another meeting with him to discuss surgery. Its something that i really want to do, I know if i lose weight the gyne will still be there.

To gurk04- I wish you luck in your surgery set for October, its the right decision. If its going to make you happy, then so be it.


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