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Hello All,

Here is my story and journey through gynecomastia surgery.
Before I start, below is the link to my before pictures and after 2nd, 5th, 10th, 20th and 30th day pictures:
I am 33 years old Indian living in United States from last 6 years. I have had gyno and an accessory nipple since I was 14, always wanted to get the surgery but was scared and coming from an India background it was almost impossible to convince my family especially my parents. I have been working out from last almost 15 years but it helps only till an extent to hide it under your shirt. I got married last year, my wife and I live in US now and rest of my family live in Delhi, India.
We decided to visit India in early 2019 and I had an idea to explore my options for surgery either in India or USA since now I have my wife to support me and help me through this. So I started my research and as expected found it super expensive in USA. India surgeons were quoting almost 1/4th the cost of US surgeons. I short listed some of the Surgeons in Delhi and started writing to them about my case. We finally consulted 2 surgeons when we arrived in Delhi and finalized Dr Akhilesh Jangid who runs a practice by the name "Akeso". Surgery was done under local anesthesia with vaser lipo and excision to remove gland. Both my wife and I were little scared about the general anesthesia so we went with Akeso. Dr Akhilesh gave us enough time to explain the procedure and answered all my questions.. Surgery almost went 2.5 hrs. Yes, it is little uncomfortable in local and you are hell scared because you are awake. But I feel its worth it.
We went in the first day to consult and made an appointment after a week because we had some work to take care of first. We went out of Delhi and flew in the day of surgery. We went directly to hotel (did not stay home as I did not tell my family that I am having this surgery), checked in and went to Doctor's office around 12:30 pm. Surgery was scheduled for 1 pm, but did not start till 3:30 pm. One thing I was annoyed about Akeso is you never see doctor at the time of appointment but having lived most of my life in India I guess I knew that just how things work in India. A male nurse came after 2:30 PM and took me inside, shaved my chest and gave me those patient scrubs (a pant and a rob). I was taken to OT at 3 PM and was made to lie down on the bed topless. It was bit cold inside and I was shivering. They gave me a blank and cover my eyes, I guess because light was super bright. I was kind of anxious and scared because I am in an OT, eyes covers, all the nurses were whispering and doing their prep. I was almost about to abort it and kept thinking it was a bad idea. Doctor came me around 3:30 (my wife noted the time) and started talking to me. He kept telling me during the surgery what he is doing. He started with giving me local which I felt like a little pinch and did not feel much after that. The whole surgery was not painful but you feel the cannula moving inside (without pain) and your chest swells up coz of dilation. I did not feel any pain during excision and gland removal. Doctor actually told me after removing the gland that it is done. Whenever I felt any little bit of pain I told doctor about it and he gave me little anesthesia at the spot where I felt pain. Surgery was completed around 6 pm and we left doctor's office after half an hour with medicines (Doctor sent his staff to get the prescribed medicines for you, ofcourse you pay for it).

We stayed in a hotel for 2 days as I did not want to tell me family which was a very good idea because after we reached our hotel pain started to kick in which was expected. Doctor gave me some pain tablets which were supposed to cut the supply of pain messages to my brain but unfortunately it did not work on me for next 5-6 hrs. I guess I should have taken first dose in doctor's office itself. I was in too much pain and kept moaning. My wife got little scared and dropped a message to doctor and he called back but all he said is that it will hurt for first few hours. I was in too much pain and kind of passed out because of meds and pain. There was minimal pain next morning but I could not move my arms, I did not even try to move much intentionally except going to bathroom. I lied on the bed for next 2 days to maximize my recovery. 2 days later we checked out from hotel, went to doctor’s office to get the dressing change and headed home. Dressing was actually a big diaper taped around your chest.  New diaper was supposed to be removed after another 2 days. After that time I used to wrap an ace bandage over the garment if I was to travel anywhere to give extra cushion. It is really great to have that diaper around for 2 reasons. First, it is tight and helps drain & absorbs any blood or fluid coming out, maybe that’s why I never got a seroma or hematoma thankfully. Second, it helps gives a good cushion and absorbs any shock while you are travelling in car or walking. For my family, we were on vacation and after we went home after surgery we were travelling like almost every day. 3rd day we went to meet my aunt and her family who lives in a different state in a village, so I was in a car for like 4-5 hours (both ways) on crappy road. We were worried about the developing hematoma or seroma but then doctor told me that if that happens they will drain it so I took a chance, please avoid taking any risks. They were some other hurdles during the whole India visit which you should consider if you are planning to do the same like carrying heavy check-in backs, we live on 4th floor in India and I am the guys in the house who has always done all the heavy lifting so if I don’t do it then my family will be suspicious so I managed my timing in a way when someone is there to do it with my parents suspecting a lot. We had a flight back to US on 11th day after surgery so we went back to doctor’s office to get the stitches removed.
For initial 3-4 weeks, I was feeling really weird if I was raising my arm. I restrained from doing so strictly for first 2 weeks and avoided even if could even after that till 4 weeks. Though, my surgeon did not say anything about it but I read massaging helps heal the hardness of fat so I started massaging after 2.5 weeks with a tennis ball and it really helps. Talk to your surgeon about it if you are getting the surgery done.
Tips from my experience (Not a medical advice but my experience, please check with your surgeon before):
• Complete bed rest for first 2 days. I did not move except for going to bathroom.
• Even after two days try not to move your hands too much. I practically kept my elbows to my sides and avoided any movements that will need my elbows to move which leads to zero or minimal shoulder movement and less strain on pectoral muscles.
• Avoid doing anything that can raise your heartrate such as climbing too many stairs at one. I lived on 4th floor in India and we do not have an elevator so I was slow while climbing stairs and was taking a break in between.
• Practice getting up from bed without using your hands. It sounds irrelevant but it will help you. You will be wearing your tight compression garment and it will take time to get used to. Have someone to help you out to getup if you can.
• If you can, avoid driving for as long as possible. I dint drive for first 2 weeks and it was uncomfortable when I did in 3rd week to go to office. I drove slowly so I feel less bumps on my chest.
• Sleep straight for as long as you can. I slept straight for about 4 weeks then used pillows on my sides to give little cushion.
• Massage with tennis ball after 2 weeks. Check with your surgeon about it.
• If whatever you are doing hurts then do not do it.
• Avoid any kind of exercise for atleast one month. You might feel you are alright but your body is still healing so do not put more stress on your body. I still have some pain when I touch my chest so I am going to wait to complete 6 weeks atleast and then will start exercises that do not strain my chest for next 2 weeks.
• Eat healthy. It makes sense because that will help you heal better.
• I have hair on my chest, lot of them and I felt trimming them keep it more comfortable because your chest hair will be pressed and stretched with compression garment on, which irritates the roots and make it little itchy.
• Trim you hair from your chest and back too before surgery. I did not trim my back and it was really painful taking the bandages off from the big wrap diaper dressing I had after surgery.
• Every time you take shower, put some lotion on your chest and back. It will keep it moist and irritate less.
• I had two compression garments, one was long enough to tuck in my pants (which originally I got after surgery) but since it is super tight on stomach too so I got another one which was till my ribs only. I felt the shorter one keeps slipping up and you need to pull it down every now and then. So, I wore the big one during the day so I keep it tucked in and it’s straight and less visible under my shirt and wore short one at home and night.


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