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hello, im a 18 year old guy from norway. i got gyno when i was about 13-14 year old. i have not much gyno, and just on the right side, but im very skinny so u can see it very well. this had bothered me from when i got into puberty. i started wearing bagyshirts, and didnt want to go to the beach. last year i told my mom, but she said that u couldnt even see it. that what a mom says anyway! she calld some clinics in oslo but she said it was to expensive and after this she has just said that i had to live with it and that i am little weak if such a little thing bothers me so much. she dont know how much pain i feel, especially in the summer time.

last week i calld a cliic in oslo, and i was there today. dr . A . Kalajii said i had gyno and said he could fix it. he said it will cost 13.000 kr. (One norwagian krone is 6-7 dollars) i told my mom i was there today. she got angry, and i told her i wanted to do the operation. she said fine as ong as U pay, shes not going to help, and also not my dad. but im happy that he said that he could fix it. now i just have to work the as helle for 2-3 months and then im fine until summer 09! :D


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I have ecxactly the same problem as you do. I have my right breast bigger than my left one. I went under surgery 9 months ago, the doctor did lyposuction. Though, I didn't like the result of my first surgery, so I have to go under surgery again in 3 months. Don't worry, you will be fine once you go under surgery. Checkk out my pics to see if your situation is similar to mine.

I would like to see some pics of your chest to see your problem.

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