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Hello and again thanks for being there!. i am a 41 year old male who had very puffy nipples and a small amount of fat deposits bilaterally since I was 13 years old.  I have been haunted from this for most of my adult life. I am fit and work out, and it has been very difficult on my life in many many ways. Going to the beach and pinching my nipples to bring them down, hoping to get a chill long enough so that they dont pop up at an inopportune time, pinching them down when I have sex, not wearing tight shirts and buying them too large for my body locker rooms so on and so on. The psychological scars are unreal and reading your posts has given me strength.

My brother had a very large mass removed around the same age as when i developed it on his rt side only. It was barbaric back then and his chest is caved in and has a very large smile scar 2 inches below his nipple( is this stuff hereditary??) I finally bit the bullet and had surgury last week and am pleased so far.

Here are my concerns( funny how one concern goes away and others pop up!)  What is the connection of pot smoking and this stuff? I had this way before I even knew what the hell pot was. I have done research and see very little hard evidence-

I didnt have an endocrine study and now wonder(no worry) that i should have but, Again this was developed now for 28 years and has always pretty much been the same it has always been. It popped up its ugly head during pueberty and never went away- thank you

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Thanks for sharing Dude.... Congrats on your surgery!

I'm 42 and had surgery Feb. 16, 2005 to remove my 'D' cup moobs. I lived with the condition for 31 years :o. However, I'm glad that I didn't have surgery until only recently as you mentioned that the proceedure was a tad 'barbaric' in the not too distant past. I saw a pic a while back that resembled how you described your brother. Didn't look very good at all.  :-/

I have read that pot smoking can induce Gyne. Not sure how true that is tho.

I didn't have any endocrine studies prior to surgery either. Didn't know about it until after the fact. I'm just hoping that they don't grow back... Well it's been almost a year, 20 days shy :D, since my gyne reduction proceedure and no signs of regrowth....  Fingers crossed!  ;)

Take care Dude....

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