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Hello, my name is Colin from UK.
I noticed my Gyno towards the end of my school years. I remember going to the doctors with my mum and the doctor said theres no need to worry it will disappear on it's own, but it never did. I struggled through life from leaving school until i was 24 and then my mum died of cancer. I remember thinking, i'm worrying about my gyno, it could be worse.
Anyway i then met my future wife a year later and she suggested last year to go and see the GP. He referred me to hospital where they said they could only offer lypo on the NHS and not the full extraction of the tissue, so i did'nt bother in the end.
I'm 36 now and have been incredibly self-concious about this for 2 decades. I deal with it by wearing t-shirts and shirts with 2 front pockets which i find conceals it as well as possible. I'm saving up for private surgery so hopefully in the next couple of years this will be all over.
Thanks for listening,
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I am from the South West of California, US.  The doctors still say the same thing. For many boys it does go away, but we obviously were not among them.
Pockets are nice, dark colors are better than light, and some sort of pattern is usually better than a solid color.  

Welcome to the site.
We are all here for the same reason, so feel free to ask anything
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Ill 2nd the first post poster! We are here for two reasons either surgery or help with acceptance of gynecomastia  so I would also like to welcome you to the forum!
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