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I had the gynecomastia surgery, about 1 year ago. I only had gyne in 1 nipple and it was glandular on the right side of my chest.

The surgeon removed the gland underneath my nipple, but my nip is still puffy and now saggy like extra nipple skin with no hard tissue underneath it. It hasn't gotten any better since the surgery.

This really lowers my self esteem, and am very embarrased. I plain on going back to my surgeon to get this fixed but I am not sure what kind of surgery I need, to remove this nasty sagging nipple skin. I think I only had an excision, I would really apreciate it if anyone has the name of what it is called to flatten my right nipple, removing this excess nipple skin.

please if anyone can help I will greatly APRECIATE IT!!!.. THANKS!!!! :'( :'(

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this should not happen unless the case was very large.  you might consider getting a second surgeon's opinion on it in a consultation and then go back to the first and discuss getting it done right.  sometimes surgeons have to clean up substandard work by others, but maybe the guy will help.  good luck.  
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