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Well, here it goes. I have been suffering from gyno since probably I started to gain weight at 5th grade. I was always the tallest and big kid but I got very chubby in 5th grade. It didn't really depress me until 8th grade, I didn't want to take off my shirt or do anything sexual with girls because I was too embaressed of my manboobs. It really worsened in 9th grade, I had to leave my school mainly because of it. I liked the school alot, but I had to leave because I was tortured just because I was different, It was an all boys school by the way. After that, I started becoming severly depressed because after my fathers sudden death in 2003 I had moved to a different town and now a different school plus not being able to see my old friends and on top of that fighting after my fathers death in the family. I became a junkie, played video games all day and became anti-social and hated the world. I also encountered some other problems though, I am a nice kid with a good looking face and I get alot of girls attention. I can't do anything with them though because I am always nervous and embaressed of my man boobs and never confident. Its strange how I was the skinny kid when I was younger the cute kid and now I have man boobs but still a nice face. My weight has gone up and down because of my depression swings. To describe my gyno... It looks decent when my nipples get hard usually when its cold out  It doesn't look bad. After a hot shower or eating fast food it looks horrible, I have puffy nipples, pointed breasts and when I grasp them I can feel some kind of weird thing in front of my muscle (yes i can feel my muscle) and than some like glob over it,  assume its fat. I asked my docter about it and he basically blew me off saying its normal for a teen and blah blah blah but its still not gone. I think my main problem is me consuming too many carbs like bread and such which could probably be a problem. I am a junior right now and I really want an operation but is the operation cheating? Is it taking the easy way out? I have worked out with a trainer but it didn't seem to work out too well with my problem. If I do have gyno, is surgery the only way??

Thanks guys... i feel your pain also.

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a lot of docs don't seem to know about the fewer cases like us that don't remit.  weight can contribute in a few cases but for most it's not an issue.  some ps hesitate to operate on guys still finishing their teens if the hormones aren't levelling again, you'd have to ask.  and no, it's not cheating, mother nature didn't exactly play fair with you, did she? ;)  welcome.  
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