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Hey, my name is Frank and im 17 years old ,.. i have gyne and im getting my surgery in about month with Lista ...
I have been really confused lately and im hating it because i'll find myself saying that guys good looking or hot but im not even gay  :-\ and its scarying the darn out of me cuz i dont even have any NONE what so ever sexual desire for men , it's just like a auto matic thought that isnt even me ... am i a homo :-[ ???

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PS: I'm straight but I have a really great friend who is gay ("homo" is derogatory).

How can 'Homo' from the word 'Homosexual' be derogatory? I'm a heterosexual, I wouldn't get my shorts in a knot if someone called me 'Hetero'. Cuz that's what I am. Homosexuals are 'Homo'. Now, fag/queer IMO are derogatory.

I agree with you though. To each his/her own. One's sexual orientation is their business and nobody else's.

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Don't worry mate, it doesn't make you gay at all. I sometimes think another bloke is good looking or  has a nice body, but only in a "I wish I looked like that" way. Doesn't mean I want to do things to them  :o I'd never say it to anyone though. Don't worry mate!!


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