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Been reading the forums for a while to get some advice and I guess try and build some confidence that I am not alone with all this.

I suffer from (in my mind) reasonably bad gyne and also have klinefelters syndrome.

I have largish breasts that are mostly fat, although I can feel the gland under the nipple is quite large. My right breast is larger than the left, although not by much.

I am 6'4" weighing about 115kg's. I am currrentl going to gym 2 to 3 times a week in an attempt to lose some weight.

I also have other symptoms such as severly under developed penis (major issue for me) and lack of body hair.

From what I understand and have been told by a GP, my testies are of 'average' size, although my penis has not grown probably since the age of about 10.

I have a strong sex drive and in that respect, feel 'normal', although clearly this would be hindered by my size. I am currently seeing (last 2 years) a girl whom I love dearly. And she is very supportive of me and my body. As much as I have her, I am still fearful that I will be alone for the rest of my life due to my condition.

I am unsure if I have gone through puberty to be honest. I'm 26, although I just feel my body hasn't developed in the way puberty hormones normally develop the body.

Does anyone know of any herbal or pharmaceutical testosterone treatments I can buy over the counter to boost or kick start my body into producing the hormones I should have had when I was younger? Or am I living in a fantasy world and have to accept the fact I will be like this for ever?

To be honest, a much as I hate my breasts, they are easier to deal with than my penis size. I dont feel 'manly' the way I am. If I could boost my body into thinking its going through puberty, causing my penis to develop naturally, I would rather go down that road than to have surgery.

I do not know if I am sterile, and to be honest I am scared to find out. I am sexually active though. I produce limited amounts of semen/sperm. Basically, I can ejaculate once and then basically 'run out'.... Then in a couple of days, I'm 'ok' again.

I only lost my virginity last year because of all this, and since then, I have to say, my confidence has grown. But clearly, I am still very conscious of my self.

Any one got any advice? Can you purchase testosterone over the net?

ps. I'd like to say that the support and information on this site is amazing.

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I've read before that taking foreign tetosterone is not good in terms of testis size, although I never really researched it thoroughly. I generally do not like to play with the idea of messing with my hormones. (Gynecomastia surely hasn't helped my paranoia in that regard.)
I've read that this product is good for sex drive and the testis, although I am once again unsure as I have no interest in the product.

A lot of guys do penile exercises to increase endurance, girth, and length. (Such as jelqing) Whether or not you believe it works or not is up to you. (I haven't had enough time to verify myself whether or not it works authentically...)

In terms of erection endurance/strength many guys work out their "PC muscles" (Pubococcygeus Muscle.)

Some dudes also claim that masturbation has helped with erection/orgasm control as well. If nothing else, there is reason to believe that masturbation may help prevent Prostate Cancer.  ;)

The Gynecomastia stuff you can find all over the place. Yeah, I research the weirdest things, and I need to stop procrastinating more importantly. Anyways, welcome to the forums.   :)
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Even in a healthy man, taking any form of steroid, androgen, or orther hormone without medical monitoring is a poor idea because it might supress the bodies normal secretion testosterone.  For a person with Klinefelters, the risk is even greater in my estimation.

You should be under the care of an Endocrinologist who specializes in the treatment of reproductive issues.

You are not alone, as this forum clearly proves.
Grandpa Dan


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