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I mentioned this several times now, but things are starting to get interesting for me. 

I have kept a near daily watch on my breasts for over 3 years now watching the slow almost frustrating growth of the girls. 

I have over the past 6-8 months been keeping a spotty (about once a month) watch on my thighs, hips and butt size. 

For nearly 5 of those months and despite what appeared as changes, my butt seemed to not be moving. That number has stayed at a constant 42 inches. 

Today, it hit 44. 

I have seen very subtle changes in my face and have had tiny spots of acne popping up in weird places.  (I feel like I am a teenager again!)  
I just don't want to wind up on the pimple popping channel on Youtube. 

The Lee jeans I bought a while back are loosing the loose spots now and If I wear mens jeans I look horrible. Put on the women's Lee Riders, and they look way better overall. Even my waist shows up as smaller with them on. 

So my latest decision has been all future jeans are now going to be women's. 

Shoes are an open book. But I am growing an affinity to the  short small nose front of the look of women's shoes.   

(Clinically I am a wierdo at this point.) 

I honestly am not sure how to gauge this, or just do a slow and easy fade in of women's clothes while letting all my mens stuff work until they don't. 

I feel like I am in a foreign country, don't know the customs, or the language but the food sure smells good! 

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^ Not a weirdo. You are courageous for not denying how you need to dress to suit your body. Your hankering for a certain style of shoe is no more unusual than a woman wanting to wear men's work boots, and plenty of them do. You have my support.

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You have my support also. Now five years ago or so you wouldn’t have. I would not have understood. You never know what someone is going through until it affects yourself. Well now it is affecting me. I totally understand. And yes those darn pimples do pop up now on me as well...funny and crazy times😂😂😂 just have to laugh about it

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Well this Saturday I found out a partial reason why I was getting a bit frustrated, thinking that the breasts were actually shrinking. 

Turns out that the tape measure I had been using had stretched out. By the time you got to the 40-inches, it had stretched out over a full inch and a half.   

I bought a new tape and discovered that I am actually over 50 inches around the bust. 50.5 and gaining.   Same with the hips.  Which would explain why I seem to be fitting a bit better in the women's jeans. 

Also some emotional changes and odd feelings. 


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Totally understand and support it. As well with me a few years ago definitely wouldn’t have. I’ve been vocal in the past about the issue but I’ve experienced the realization that other things just fit and feel better for comfort and purpose than others and in this case some women’s items. I think for many trying an item opens the door of realizing it’s just more comfortable and so it leads to I wonder what that feels like. 
Acne is a common reaction to hormone swings and usually a first sign of such to my understanding. I remember a couple months ago when my inner leg and backside broke out bad and fair amount of impotence occurred and was wondering wtf is going on then a week or so later I noticed my reflection and saw my chest and went oh that’s what happened lol. 
I think we often forget about the tape measured as we adjust accordingly and may not be so adamant about measuring frequently and then finally do and realize especially if you’re not wearing a bra daily or often that wow I’ve filled out a bit. 


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Older thread, but worth revisiting. 🤔

Mine are raging as well and the measured new growth is just the two tips of the iceberg. 😉

Acne, growth, pain and soreness, and of course the emotions 🙄.
My 'high estrogen diet' is most likely adding to the mix as well. I'm not really complaining, I am simply stating the facts.
With increased estrogen comes quite a few other changes in thoughts and desires. Hmm, very interesting 🙄🤔🙄💖😍💖

CNA told me I should avoid buying more than two bras this go around. I bought four last time and I outgrew them before ever coming close to wearing them out. Blouses and dresses are a bit more forgiving in that department so I should spend my money wisely. 💃

'Puberty' sure is fun 😉
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