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i'm 24. i'm not exactly sure how long i've had this stuff. i can't recall. last year i had medical insurance on my moms plan but i was going to a school that was out in the middle of no where and couldn't really get access to a doc, that and the cost i've heard endo's charge was high to me at the time, now... i have no insruance, will be paying to go to an endo with my student loans, i'm hoping it will cost less than $500 total. and there's no way in hell i will be able to afford surgery any time soon. i started college when i was 21. now i'm a junior about 2 1/2 years from a bachelors. then i will have to get a masters if i want to make any money at all and a masters in art takes 3 years here. i may be over $100,000 in debt by the time i finish and i will be 29 or 30 years old. so damn old. and i still might not be able to afford the surgery because of that debt.

i hate this shit. i want it gone.

also, i've been diagnosed with major depression. i'm thinking it may just be a thyroid problem and the rest just some anxiety problems.

yay!!!  >:(

okay... why couldn't it just use asterix to alter my cussing?

oh, and i'm getting a damn road bike before i loose money on this gyne crap. it's a lot cheaper...

why does the surgery cost so much? i really hate that it costs so much. healthcare in general costs to damn much.
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i think most of your depression is just a fact of life with gyne.  a few people may disagree, but get rid of it, and i think your outlook will change in a pretty big way.  and venting can be good for the soul ;)  

yeah medicine may be overpriced in this country compared to the rest of the planet, you can only blame so much on high-tech equipment.  but remember compared with the education, if you can get an op for $4-5k (always varies some with severity), you'd be doing good.  more than 6 and you should shop around.  never get it in nyc, by the way, it'll run you twice what it should cost anywhere else.  
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* if it screws up your life the same, is there really any such thing as "mild" gyne?

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my parents were able to carry me on their insurance through college...  ???

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lucky you. i could have kept the insurance.. and the cost wasn't that high. it's just i'm broke... and my mom couldn't afford it either...

oh well. >:(

oh... and no road bike....

you know what's really bad? i lift weights... and for now at least i'm gaining rather quickly... 10lbs a week on my shoulder press... some of that is because i've been too weak for my size (there are guys that can put 500lbs over their heads in my weight class. i could barely do 200. i'm not sure what i can do now.) ... but i worry that people will think i do roids.

i've also been noticing that my hair is thinish.... all over... not jus the top... i keep thinking it's always been that way... i can't accurately recall.

how do you know if you're losing hair?
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apparently i was just being paranoid. :-X my hair was just short at the time. i think my irritation with this crap is playing trick on my mind.

oh... and my gain rate went to hell... cept on my shoulder press... i still seem to be gaining... but slower. it was probably just because i came back from a summer of not lifting. my dumbell rows are just now getting back to where they were last may. i'm burnt out on squat.

yay! paranoia!  ::)
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