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Two years ago I was 51 and had suffered from gynecomastia since puberty. I had never heard about the condition and thought I was just some sort of freak. Fortunately, I had a loving wife and sympathetic friends who didn’t mention my breasts and understood, to some extent, my embarrassment at exposing my body. Then, I came across your web site and discovered I was not alone, and was not a freak; there were many others in my position; treatment was possible and there many success stories as a result. In short, it gave me the courage to take action.

The first plastic surgeon I saw told me my breasts were too large for liposuction alone, that skin would need to be removed and this would certainly leave unpleasant scars. I was initially resigned to seeing out the rest of my days with my ghastly chest – you do get to hate your body – but then, as there was nothing to loose, decided to get a second opinion. After viewing the web sites, I booked an appointment with Mr A.D. Karidis of Devonshire Street, London, England. He was very sympathetic and felt he could significantly improve my appearance, though two liposuction operations might be necessary.

I felt very embarrassed telling my wife, and going along on the day was purgatory. However, everyone was very pleasant and professional. Indeed the biggest problem was my wife not being able to find the hospital when she came to collect me. I suffered less bruising that I expected, but had to keep the dreaded elastic vest on for more than four months – though only at nights during the latter part of this period.

The result: well, while there’s a bit of sag, particularly if I lean over or scrunch up my chest, the general appearance is, in my opinion, 1000% better. I can walk shirtless along a beach without the eyes of strangers looking at me and wondering if I’m some sort of half- man, half-woman. I was offered a second more minor op, but declined, at my age I was not going for perfection. All I was after was to achieve some sort of normality, and this I think I have done.

I hope others my age will take heart from my experience and go for it. In my experience, if you can find the right surgeon, you can end up feeling a lot better about yourself.

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Nice story to read. It felt great to know something could be done, huh?  Sounds like you had a bad case and based on your age, you've "put in your time" so to speak. Now you're walking on the beach and feeling normal. Like your subject says, It's Never Too Late.  Continued happiness. ;)
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