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im a 46 y/o male from north carolina. my breasts started growing at the age of 13. by the age of 16, most all of the people in my school called me "boobs". i was embaressed at first, but what can one do, after all this was the early '70's and to my knowledge, no one had ever heard of gynecomastia. so i just accepted the fact that i had large beasts for a male and didnt worry about it. at the time i was 6ft and 250lbs. now i am 6ft and 350lbs and wear a 54c cup bra and about to grow into a d cup. i have been maried for over 24 years and my wife knew that i wore bra before we married as there was no use to lie to her. the first bra that i bought to fit was a 42b and it fit to a t. so as i have grown over the years, of course the size has grown. i just accept the fact that i am who i am and dont worry about what others think. the pics that i have seen here are no comparison to what i have. some day i will post for all to see.

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Welcome to the forum.
I think we can all here feel your "discomfort", but hey, we are all in the same boat.
you have done well sharing your story. the next step is to probably discuss your intentions. what do you want to do? is it "I am happy this way" or "I will go as far as it takes to solve this problem".
after that you need to decide how you would like to get to this decision.
I am not sure exactly why wearing the bra, but if you are comfortable with it then carry on.
Your body mass index is very high ie you are over weight. try to lose some weight slowly. this will take you around 1yr.
If your breast enlargement is glandular, then the only solution is surgery. could you take/afford it?
Gynecomastia is a stressful thing to have but it is not the end of the world. I go swimming, I get naked with my girls.....if they dont like it, its their problem but this doesnt mean that I dont try to erase it if this is possible.
Good luck. let us know what happens with you.
one can never prepare to win a war, but one can prepare not to be defeated.

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  • Gyne sucks
i admire your ability to cope
Please, Jesus, make my gyne go away!

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It's good to hear that you're so secure.  I can hardly believe all the pix of guys with chests that just barely, if at all, differ from the "norm" crying the blues about everything they can't do, won't wear or who they can't date.  Live with your teats, get 'em fixed with plastic surgery, it doesn't matter as long as you can have a healthy self-image.  

Still, 350 is a bit unhealthy my man.  You'll live longer and better if you can shed some weight.


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