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My breasts have been larger than other mens most of my life.  I don't recall when I first became aware that I was different than other guys my age.  Probably middle school, early high school.  At any rate I was too involved with other things to worry about it.  One kid harrassed me once and I beat the snot out of him in front of a crowd of people.  I gained a rep as a bad ass and no one bothered me again.  I considered acne a bigger problem than my boobs.  My body was never much to look at but I have a pretty face.   :)

I lost my virginity at 15 and never looked back.  My breasts didn't interfere with my ability to get laid, so why worry about it?  IMHO, a lover who would leave you over a minor defect like gyne isn't worth having in the first place.  If you want a trophy wife you're better off working on getting rich than on a beautiful body.  Beauty fades but money is forever.  Gold diggers of either sex can tell you that.

I have another health issue that will eventually kill me.  Not soon, but much earlier than my peers if you believe actuarial tables.  I take a variety of different meds to keep this condition under control, one of which is Aldactone, a testosterone purging diuretic.   I take it to prevent fluid retention, but it's also used to increase breast gowth in male to female transgender folk.  So my boobs have gotten even bigger over the last few years.  I now fill a B cup nicely.  Graduating to a C is possible.  Adding androgens to my med regiman would speed up my date with a really big scalpel!  I'm not willing to risk surgery because, frankly, I like my breasts!  I wouldn't remove them if it were safe.  As Woody Allan, a very homely man who has been associated with great women his entire life once said.  'I could never be a woman.  I'd spend the entire day playing with my breasts'.  I'm sure Woody would agree that you've got to play the hand you're dealt.

So why am I here?  Well, I was looking for a bra the other day and I stumbled in here hoping to find someplace that had selection in odd sizes.  All i found here were scuba suits but I thought there might be other folks here that aren't interested in chop shops.  If you want o find those bras in odd sizes, I did find them.  And I'd be happy to share that information with anyone interested.
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'I could never be a woman.  I'd spend the entire day playing with my breasts' - Woody Allen


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