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Ok well here it goes. Ive been through this website left, right, and centre for the last 3 years trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Eventually I realised, this "issue" I have had for the last 5 years was breast tissue.  Anyways, all my life ive been very thin, even now im 6" and weight 158lbs. So my case would have been considered a "minor" case, but dont get me wrong, these minor cases have a way of influencing our every day lives (especially when your thin). So, all throughout highschool I always wore a sweatshirt to cover up the portruding areolas. Believe me, this wasnt very uplifting to my emotional state. Eventually, i decided to tell my parents about the issue when i was 17 (which was very emotional). My parents understood right away and understood that surgery was the only option. So like many people on here, i decided to go to my GP and talk it through. Only after talking for 10 minutes he refered me to a plastic surgeon. Regretably, seeing that i live in Canada, the wait list to see a surgeon was over a year. Now yes this came as very devastating  news, but i decided to channel that emotion into something else. Something that could help me, something that now i am very proud off. I decided to start lifting weights. Now all those negative people who say weightlifting makes the problem worse, thats its not worth doing, they are WRONG! All your life you have been stressing over gyne and that eventually makes u start seeing your other flaws and then you just hate your overall image (well atleast thats how it was for me.) At first it was hard, it was tiresome, and results were not even visible. Slowly and steadily my muslces begun to grow, and i became more "fit". But my look was still "not good" (in my standards). So now for the good part....LOL     Ive been lifting for 9 months now and everything has changed. Sure the nipples get "puffy" at times but it doesnt bother me anymore. What i did was wear a nice tight underarmor (sleeveless) shirt under my already tight fitting shirts to show off my upper body. THey do the trick perfectly! Not only that, ive started tanning in the sun (seeing that its summer) and even when you do take your shirt off, i just give myself a little "twister" and it looks perfect!. And now for the best thing. Girls DO NOT CARE! After 9 months of lifting the results finally paid off. Nothing better than having girls give u a wink here or there. Always comment about how good you look. Etc. etc. thats how it is now for me atleast. I also have a steady, loving girlfriend, who cant even tell there is anything wrong lol....she says its in my head, and that no girl would ever find it to be "abnormal" lol. Anyways guys, what im trying to say. Go to the gym, work hard, get your overall body shape into peak form and eventually you wont even remember you have puffy nipples. My consultation with the surgeon is less than a month away now....and honestly i dont think im even going to bother. 1. scars, 2. 5000$, 3. the risk of operation. None of that is worth it when the problem doenst even effect your life anymore. So give it a try, maybe it will work for you   PS. im 18 now, and my life is going GREAT


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