Author Topic: My gynacomasti getting worse  (Read 2262 times)

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My gynacomasti is still getting bigger I have not made myself take pictures my breast measure  3 1/2 inches from my chest I have mammograms every year I have had biopsies  in the past but everything was good now after all of my back surgeries my breast have stated growing fast have had all kinds of blood work done everything was good except for testostrone  which was less than 20 six months ago had it checked by an Endocrinologist in January it was 37 after six months of replacement therapy he told me that if became bothersome to have a double mastectomy not what I want to do the breast center told me I had a lot of breast tissue and it continues to grow my nipples get so tender they feel like a smashed finger nail the pain wakes me up at night even though I take morphine for my back pain 60 mg every 8 hrs and they hurt so much still can't lay on them to sleep does anyone have any ideas on what I might do


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My breast grow very much, first due to low T and then the lost of my testicals. I had the same pain that you are talking about, but was able to handle it. I also was on pain management meds, however, they were for diabetic nerve pain and still need to manage that today, only more along with chronic back pain as well. You may need a different pain management plan for the breast until they are done. Once they stop developing they will stop hurting!


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