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I had gynecomastia since I was 16 years old and I was looking for a surgeon that will solve my gynecomastia problem. I read a lot of blogs online for me to have an idea which is the best surgeon for the job. Because no one would like to spend their hard earned money go to waste. I was very hesitant on choosing a particular surgeon. Then I read one blog on this forum, I forgot his username and I couldn’t find his blog anymore. His story goes like this, he underwent a surgery in the hands of a surgeon in Alabang Muntinlupa, the surgeon insisted that liposuction only will do the job and no need for incision. He spent over a hundred thousand pesos ($2,000) and the result was not any way near to what he expected. Because his before and after pictures was almost the same. Then he went to a surgeon in Makati Medical Center, and fixed his problem by incision. His before and after images was remarkable. This surgeon was Dr. Benny Herbosa. After reading his blog, I was very certain that Dr. Benny Herbosa is the surgeon that I’m looking for.

I contacted Doc Benny thru email, he replied immediately. I send him an image of my problem. He said that he will fix my problem. I asked for the price range for the surgery and I told him what my budget was. He told me that he will make a way just to help me and it would be better if I have a Philhealth. Even if we only get in touch thru email, I can feel the honesty and compassion of Doc Benny. I can tell that his priority was not the money, his main priority was to fix my problem. He even asked me to go on a surgery, and pay the remaining balance later. That’s how compassionate He is.

On the 3rd of January this year I went to his clinic in Makati Medical Center, all the things I’ve read about him was right. He was very cool, as if he had known me for a long time. He checked my gynecomastia and asked me when I want to do the surgery, without any hesitation I said to him “today”.

His nurses were very nice and kind, Nurse LJ and Nurse Rain together with his colleague (sorry I forgot his name) assisted Doc Benny for the operation. I was under local anesthesia as they do the incision, the pain was tolerable, don’t worry Doc Benny will not let you endure so much pain, he will go easy on you. And every time I feel the pain, they injected me with another anesthesia. During the operation, I said to myself, this pain was nothing compared to the stress I endured everyday of having gynecomastia. And after approximately 45 minutes, the surgery was done and it was a success and I’m very grateful of the result. After 15 years, my problem was finally solved. Thank you very much Doc Benny. Thanks also to the guy who wrote his blog whoever you are, your experience convinced me that Doc Benny was the best surgeon for our kind of problem. Thanks also to his nurses and his colleague. And many thanks of course to our God almighty.

After a week I returned to their clinic and they removed the stitches. Then I bought Dermatrix, which is available on their clinic. I used it after the wounds were completely healed. I strongly suggest using of Dermatrix to prevent scars.

I wore the elastic wrap that they provided for 3 weeks. Do not move your arms a lot within 3 days after operation to prevent hematoma or seroma. Thank God I did not experience any of that. Just take it slow for the first week. And if you plan to lift weights, I suggest you do that after 8 weeks. Better be safe than sorry.

To other guys out there that is contemplating which surgeon to consider to fix your problem. The search is over my friends, He is Dr. Benny Herbosa. If you have enough budget, do it asap. If you don’t have enough money yet and wants to get rid of your gynecomastia, save some of your money, and instead of buying unnecessary expensive gadgets, go under the knife under the caring hands of Doc Benny, it’s worth every cents believe me. It’s a life changer for me, thank God there is Dr. Benny Herbosa here in the Philippines. I will never ever forget his name. Thank you very much Doc Benny, more power to you and all of your staff!

Doc Benny's email address:

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Literally just joined this forum/site and this is the first thread I opened, stopped reading at "bitch breasts"......really hope the rest of the threads don't use such terminology, I'm looking for some positivity and helpful advise...not to feel worse and more "bitch"-like.

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Nice. Kakasurgery ko lang din nung feb 6 2018 kay doc benny bumiyahe pa talaga ako from davao. Kamusta ang sa iyo?

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Is it possible to be sedated when in my surgery? 
Im planning to visit Dr. Benny in March. Kids vacation, i can rest more afret the surgery.

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Hi, congratulations and thanks for sharing! I'd like to know if you still have the sensation of your nipples? Also, how much did you pay for the operation? Did he also do a liposuction to you? Can you share some recent pics of your chest?


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