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Just thought I would open up a bit on my experience growing up. 

Growing Up i was always overweight. that kind of helped hide my man boobs but they grew as fast as my belly and love handles grew. I went to a public school through 6th grade, and in gym class 6th grade I was always put on the skins team and got made fun of a lot. In the locker room after gym we had a shower, but thankfully we weren't forced to shower. I never took a shower in that locker room. I remember guys making fun of me when we were changing clothes and the one phrase that is burnt into my memory is someone telling me me boobs were so big I could suck my own breasts. That still haunts me to this day. In 6th grade I was in wrestling and putting on that singlet was a walk of shame. Essentially like putting on a bodysuit now without a bra and going to Walmart wearing only that. In 6th grade I wrestled the 150lbs weight class. I got smoked every match because I was a fat 150 wrestling against muscular 150lb guys. Then I went to a private school for 7th and 8th grade, and was homeschooled all through high school. I got my weight down to 175-180 when I got married and my breasts did drastically decrease in size. But after I got married I got into a drinking habit that I've been trying to break for the past 8 years now and I believe that has led to my lower testosterone resulting in my breasts filing out and my undercarriage shrinking. Alcohol can and will do that. I've added a good bit of muscle mass since I got married but also a good deal or fat from drinking. I now weigh in at 220 and 6'1" tall. I'd like to break my drinking habit and get back down to around 190. I really don't care what happens to my breasts. If they are true gyno and here to stay then so be it. Or they may be mostly fat and disappear. Either way I guess I'm accepting of needing a bra as I am but not accepting of the shape of my body, which may be from all the crap I got in 6th grade for being so fat. 

I guess thats my story of who I am, what I'm going through, and what I've been through

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There is a common theme with those of us who develop breasts during our teen years and that is usually surviving varying degrees of ridicule at school and even outside of the school environment. Everyday required energy and fortitude to navigate through what others in school directed at us continually. We developed a thick skin eventually because we had to.

It did not matter whether we accepted or breasts and wearing a bra or not in those teen years with regards to the level of ridicule directed at us.

I think in a number of cases our fortitude went on to serve us well in career and personal development while many others in school with nothing better to do than bother others simply became losers. It was interesting to attend various high school reunions let's say.

It is always great to pursue best health; such as weight control, exercise, eating healthy, and wearing a bra for support if needed. We are survivors!   
If the bra fits, wear it.


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