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i have had this problem since 13.  I would say my case is more purely puffy nipples.  people probly dont know i have this problem as i hide it very well i think.  However its getting to a point where people are calling me anti social etc.  I rarely go out and find it difficult to stand still when talking to someone.  

I am about 5 ft 10 and about 68 kilos.  So i would say pretty skinny.  I can feel underneathe my nipples which almost feels like a cist type ball. it stretches out also towards the arm pit.  When i flex with a pinch i can stretch out the skin a good 10 cm. I also have a little lump under my arm pit.  its more like a pebble.This was the first lump i ever noticed back when i was a kid , and then soon after came the swelling nips....

in the cold they are not that big, but when it gets humid i just feel really uncomfortable.

I am thinking of going through with surgery.  Would the incision be more expensive than lipo.  i dont know what price would be expected but my problem is purely puffy nipples.

i am i australia any ideas  on ways i could get it done through public health service so wouldn;t cost me a bomb....


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