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Hello everyone. Im 20 years old and live in Norway. I have had this condition (i have no pictures yet, but after seeing some of you guys im pretty sure i have it, and i thank you for taking those pictures for all to see)

Have been reading on some of you're stories aswell and some of them have had me almost in tears. Im not a very emotionell guy, but when i hear the same pains, the same embarresing situations and emotional scarres i too have felt it just brings it all back.

As long as i can remember i have had this problem. When i was a kid i didn't care of course, but as i got into my puberty it really really got a big problem.
I can barely remember the last time i felt the wind, sand and seawater against my skin and upper body. It's really idiotic to think that i care so much of what other people think. But i cannot help it. Seeing all my friends go off to the beach in the summer, in light clothes and t-shirts while i stay at home blaming silly things like i don't like bathing because the water is filthy or it's boring.

They do not know how lucky they are, and it bugs the hell out of me.
But i guess that is with everything we take for granted. For once i wish i could just go to the beach, walk down a street or fooling around with a girl not thinking about it ALL the time.

I have never had a serious relationship yet because, whats the point right? It's not like i will ever take my shirt off (sigh).

I was always fat/big boned, so i always blamed my manboobs on being fat. But after losing 30kg (ehm in pounds that is, who knows?) and gaining atleast 20kg in muscles it still is as bad as it always has been.
And working out hard and dieting for 2 years now and not getting anything out of it really makes you lose focus and get discouraged.
So why go to the gym? It's not like i can just build my pecs even bigger and it will go away. So screw training right? (sigh).

So i thank all the gods because i have found hope after all. I found this webpage and forum. You guys have really given me back some hope and i am forever grateful!
I think i will get in contact with my doctor now, and i can't wait. It might be emberrasing to show it to my doctor, but if i can just make my boobs slightly smaller or masculine again, it will all be worth it. Hell if i had 1 million dollars, i would gladly, gladly pay it to get rid of it.
This SH*T has ruined my life long enough, it ends here.

So again, thanks for giving me hope :)

Oh and if anyone from Norway or Scandinavia has the same problem and have done a operation, i would love to ask you some questions.

Thank you

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Heh, if anything reading the other stories made me more happy then sad  :-/ . It made me realise that I wasent alone and that I had others in the same situation as me, and the fact that theres a whole community out there willing to help each other.

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I visited the doctor today. And he set up a meeting with  a specalist a few miles from here! When he said i had Gyno, i got so happy, it was like a great weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Now i know i will get that surgery. Thanks for all the posts and threads here, i owe you all big time  :D

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congrats and welcome.  look up henrik under the profile wolfman, he's a swede and now a free man.  
* a man is more than a body will ever tell
* if it screws up your life the same, is there really any such thing as "mild" gyne?


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