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Hi Im new to this board, im 19 yrs old and am overweight and suffer from gyno. I HATE it, as Im sure everyone else here does as well. This "Hormonial Imbalance" has absolutetly ruined my life. I first found out about the condition online, looking for help. Before this I always thought it was something weight related, and can be corrected with diet and excercise. I hope to loose weight and get corrective surgery ( anyone from NY area, that can recomend a doctor please help). nice to have a place that this can be discussed without embarassment.

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Hey bro,

I am 20 year old Gyn victim.  I just found out about it by looking online too.  I though I just had big nipples and was chubby but I didn't think guys were supposed to be that chubby in the chest.

Anyway, I am from NY but not near NY City.  I live in Erie County in Western NY.  I am in Japan now but when I return home on the 15th, I will ask my doctor about what can be done.  I couldn't afford the operation.  I have no money because I am in college.

My advice is, even if it may be embarrasing, talk to your doctor.  Remember you do have Doctor-Patient confidentiality so you should be safe.  Most doctors are good about that.

Good luck man, I still gotta explain about what I got to my parents because they thought it was fat and told me to do excersie.


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