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I am 61 and have had "boobs" all my life - there are men with ones larger than mine, there men whose shape is greatly different than mine and there are men with smaller ones. I'll likely die with mine the way they are. I've served in the U.S. Army for three years, lived in community bay living quarters, showered with other men, and never had anyone question or put me down for my condition. I participated in varsity football in high school and wrestled for three years as well where I encountered other boys with the same condition.

Have I been teased - yes by female cousins who constantly told me I needed a bra and they were going to pinch my tithes - the pinching tease stopped when one day about the age of three, I pinched one of them while they were washing their hair at the kitchen sink wearing a bra. The bra remark lives on but I love all of them anyway.

The cause?  Given my current endowment between my legs I would have to say abnormal testosterone levels at birth and puberty. At the age of 50 I was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer. I had radiation Iodine 125 pellets seeded in my prostate over ten years ago with no recurrence. While recovering I chose to wear women's bikini panties rather than briefs because they provided more support and comfort.

Medically I have hypertension, high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea and an ancient compression fracture of the fifth lumbar with nerve damage to the outside of my right leg and half or better of my right foot.  I also had a kidney stone surgically removed which had lodged halfway between my kidney and bladder.

Do I wear a bra?  Yes, I recently purchased five sports bras size 46 and 48 - my chest measures 50 inches under the bust. The 46's provide support for the "roll" which has developed under my armpits possibly due to having sleep apnea before it was adequately treated. They provide a better shape under a large sized tee shirt.  The soft lining feels nicer to my nipples than some of my shirts - they are getting more sensitive with age.  Because of my diabetes and back injury I try to swim five days a week.  I have found winter long sleeved wicking compression shirts at Wal Mart to wear while swimming. They hide bruises from insulin injections around my stomach, keep my back warm while I swim, give my muscles a resistance  type workout while swimming, control my blood sugar readings and cover my boobs.

Does my wife know? Not as yet although I have worn them a couple of times around her under oversized tee shirts.  She jerked my chain about the panties so I guess I can live with this.

My fears with my condition?  I could care less if they get larger, I just hope they stay symmetrical. I do fear developing male breast cancer although my GP more or less doesn't believe in it nor doing an annual check of my nipples for lumps.  I am considering scheduling a yearly visit with his female PA in hope she would be more understanding.

My reason for joining this site?  Mainly to see how others feel with the same problem, to understand better "why me" and to possibly gain an insight to possibly determine why this happened to me.


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