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is there a large cost differnce in gland removal and gland removal/liposuction, if so how much would i need just for the gland removal, its a pretty mild case maybe a lil less but its annoying, embarassing and noticeable to say the least

furthermore, I am under United Health Care insurance, does anyone have any information as to whether they will help cover costs, ty in advance for answers peace

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There is a signifigant difference in the costs of surgery without liposuction and just gland removal. And your health care insurance will not cover the gynecomastia unless it is for medical reasons. It sucks but its even hard in medical cases. Mine is medical and I will hear back from insurance in 2 weeks. I am estimating retail costs of surgery of just gland excision is $3000-4000 with everything. And with lipo it is about $3800-5800. But, you might have saw I added the word retail and thats because of one reason that no-one talks about on this board and this next statement I am going to tell you is no lie. Lets say you are going in for surgery and that the retail price for your excision is $3500 and this would probably be close to right. You could say I am going to pay up-front for my surgery and am looking for a better deal. If you are paying up-front that means instant cash or credit to the surgeon and other workers such as the anestiest. So, you could if you are a good negotiator and depending on the surgeon negotiate 25-50% off of that $3500. Then you are looking at a negotaited price of $2200-2750. So you are going to look at a most likely average of $2500. That is still not cheap but, not bad considering it doesn't take too long to save up or come up with that amount of money. $4000-5000 is a lot of money but $2500 isn't bad. THis is no lie and you can do it, it is like buying a new car. As long as the surgeon and his other costs are paid for and they are making a little profit they will gladly take your business. So remember if you got the money go to the surgeon get all your questions answered and then tell him you are going to pay up front and am looking for a better or his/her best rate. They will give you a percentage off the surgery as long as you are paying up front. That fact of paying up front makes a big difference to the surgeon. They have the money and have nothing to lose, either do you. Good luck and make sure to do that. If insurance doesn't cover my medical case that is what I am going to do and already are ready to work out a price with the surgeon. Were looking at half price like $2500-2600. I will gladly pay that to get it done. Just make sure you are getting it done with a decent skilled surgeon that has some experience with this particular surgery. Ask how many he/she does a year and ask about there method and make sure they are reassuring and sound right. I hope everything works out for the best for you. Good luck.

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majority of the costs are things like anethetist's fees, operating room fees, admin fees, etc etc.... having excision only vs lipo + excision doesnt usually make a tremendous difference

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Indeed. I sent a few emails to some surgeons on Friday and I've had one response so far, where the cost would be around 800 - 1000 €. This is in zagreb, Croatia.


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