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I have been visiting this site for several months.  It becomes immediately clear that many of the posts are from younger people, I'm 55 and here's my story.

Never had an issue with gyn before.  My weight has always been all over the scale.  I played high school sports at 230 but was 189 pounds after army basic training.

My world fell apart in 1998 when I found I had prostate cancer.  After surgery, my weight went up to 280 due to lack of physical attivity, still no gyn. I slowly got my weight down to 245, mainly by meeting my goal of working out an average of every other day for two years.

Last fall, I began to notice an increase in breast size but brushed it off.  In late October when fitting for a tux for my daughter's wedding, my chest measured 50".  My chest had been 46" most my adult life.  By the holidays, it measured 51" without a shirt on so I visited my GP in January.

The GP could not feed any lumps so guessed it as 'puesdo'.  He recommended increased exercise,  diet and come back in 3 months.  Since I weighted almost 40 pounds more at one time I really did not agree but this was the same GP who discovered my cancer and I trust him.  I bought a Nordic for home and began working out almost everyday.  Weight is down another 8 pounds.

In the meantime, I would notice my left nipple was moist at times.  I usually found some reason for it until last week.  When I noticed it was damp, pressed it and a clear liquid was present.  I was soon back at the GP.  He ordered a blood test for prolactin and next week I go for a mammogram.

I really want to find the source of this. During an annual visit with my cancer doc (7 years cancer free!) I shared this story.  His reply, NO TESTOSTERONE.  So at this point my options may be limited.

Growth seems to have slowed and I'm coping well. I would really like to hear from anyone with a story similar to mine.

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I would think that it's possible that it could be cancer since the fluid is not bilateral and only present in the left side. I'm no dr and shouldn't be telling you that you may have breast cancer if I don't know. So take my post with a grain of salt. Prolactin is the hormone produced by the pituitary gland that starts the growth of the mammary glands.  Is it a milky substance?

Sounds like you're in good hand and the doctors are doing their job.  Let us know how your results turn out.  Best of luck to you.  :)
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I was scheduled for another blood test in April by the GP.  Using WebMD, I discovered the tests were all for liver function.  I had lost weight by this time but not off the chest.  I decided not to do the test and continue with my exercise program.

By late May, it was clear my chest was still growing, slowly but still growing.  Using a link from this site, I found an Endo who was also on my insurance provider list.  I was told when I called for an appointment I needed a referral.  I became concerned the GP may have an ego problem when I requested a referral but it wasn't an issue.  

Problem, the first available appointment was for August 4th.  I was put on a cancellation list however and was able to see the doctor on the 12th.  She ordered complete blood test and I get the results next Wednesday.  At this point my one fear is falling into the 25% where the source of gyne cannot be determined.  If the GP was right and it's the liver, it can be treated.  If it is testosterone which for me cannot be treated, I'll learn to deal with it.  I just hope it's not in the 25%.


There was a recent discussion about being examined by a female endo at this site.  For me, I believe I prefer a female.  The gloves used for the exam would make a welder happy.

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Good luck.  It sounds to me like you are doing everything right.  Let us know how it goes.

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Well, my fear came through.  The doctor started our appointment with "I have some good news and some bad news.  The good news, your test results were all in the normal range, the bad news, I don't know what is causing your problem".

Not totally true, my liver function is still off a little.  Results worth noting:

   Glucose, serum   102 mg/dL    65 - 99  limit
   Bilirubin,total       1.9H            0.1-1.2 limit
   Testosterone, serum  466 ng/dL  241-827 limit
   Tesosterone, free      9.5             7.2 - 24.0 limit
   Estradiol                  30 pg/mL        0 - 53    limit

The lab report had "will follow" listed for free testosterone.  The doctor had to leave and call the lab for the total which indicates she hadn't even looked at the lab before entering the room.

The final recommendation was to see a PS.  I questioned the purpose if the cause is not addressed. She only replied that regrowth was possible.

I did some Web surfing later and found a link to an organization called "LifeExtension".  The article I read concerned male hormones and aging but was still of interest.  To summerize, testosterone should be above 500, free testosterone should be in the upper third range and estradiol should be in the lower one third range.  An example within the article would make me a candidate to TRT.

There is a lot of knowledge on this subject at this site.  Please add anything of value.  

Although I can't go on TRT, I plan to begin supplements which the above mentioned article indicated could reduce the estradiol.  


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