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Hi all,


I recently optioned in my surgery with Dr Baranski in Poland for the 2nd July. I had planned to fly with my friend Kate and we were leaving from Manchester in the UK.

Since my decision, I really felt that I needed to tell my family about my plans - they were immediately concerned about going abroad for surgery and seemed to think that I shouldn't be flying so soon after the operation.

I have BUPA cover with work and thought maybe gynecomastia would be covered in their list of procedures. This was a light at the end of the tunnel as it meant I may have the chance of having the op done here in the UK. But unfortunately the procedure is seen as "removal of healthy tissue" which means that they won't pay.

So my other option is to wait for the NHS. But this could be ages and I am 30 in September! I've had this problem for almost 17 years, i just want rid!  :(

Whilst it has been a relief to tell the family, they are almost holding me back from my initial positive decision. I feel really uncertain again & uncertain how to proceed.

I feel I need the reassurance that I am doing the right thing again - not only that but after mentioning the NHS to my friend, she thought I had postponed the trip and now can't come with me - so if I go it'll be on my own....

Any advice? Also, I wonder who people have sourced their medical insurance through when they have travelled abroad? What level of cover do you get and what does it entitle you to?

Thanks in advance
A stressed and concerned "wannabee" Newman

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mate, do it.

do it, do it and do it.

its the best desision you will have ever made in your life. Trust me.

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go abroad, they are just as good. I would rather go alone than with someone else, especially a girl. I think your family are being f*cking ridiculous, your a grown up.. you can do what you want, and this will make you a new man

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I had my surgery in Barcelona. To my knowlege normal travel insurance policies will not cover you for anything related to your overseas surgery. It is technically possible that you could find one that would cover you for things unrelated to your operation, I found this link:

As I had mine in the EU I just got an EHIC card, the surgeon and the clinic were registered and Spain is a first world country so if anything went wrong while I was under the knife I was reasonably confident I would have been covered by their insurance. I had travel insurance included in my flights for about a tenner so kept that (and didnt tell them) in case my bags got stolen or somesuch.

Admittedly there is an extra element of risk, if you get very sick and need repatriation you wont get it with an EHIC and your insurance wont pay for it if they think youve had any other surgery over there. Additionally if you were to die your relatives would be liable for the cost of returning your body. I should say that neither of those scenarios are at all likely from a gyne operation with a  competent surgeon. My surgeon said he did have to do a transfusion once though, so it is a 'real' operation and you should be happy in yourself that the surgeon is capable and that if you do have to receive plasma or blood it will be safe.

I'm afraid I know nothing about how this would apply in Poland. Poland is now an EU country so theoretically you should enjoy the same standards as elsewhere.

If you're interested in my Barcelona story its over here:,9199.0.html


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I say - do whatever it get it done.



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