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If if anyone has any doubts about a possible connection between marijuana and gyne then please read this post.

     I've been a skinny kid my whole life and to this day people around me still crack sarcastic jokes about how rail thin I am. Anyone would be surprised by looking at me that I have this condition. This is mainly because I do not have a severe case and I refuse to take off my shirt around anyone. Up until a few days ago i had never heard of gyne, although i always knew there was something wrong with my physique. The signs first started to show when i was in middle school and looked like a slight sagging in the nipple area. I had always thought that it was just the way i was made, that if I ran or worked out enough it would go away. I'm 19 now and I still have the condition. Looking back on my life there is one thing that I'm certain caused this, and I want it to be known that there definitely is a connection between marijuana use and gynecomastia.

     I started smoking pot when i was in very young, around the 6th or 7th grade. I didn't understand the risk i was taking. My older brother and my dad both smoked and i started doing it because i trusted them and wanted to be accepted. Needless to say, I didn't have exactly a normal childhood. I've continued to use the drug since then but never really made the connection between my gyne and my addiction. There is no way to know for certain but I believe that marijuana high levels of estrogen in my blood stream while I was developing, ultimately causing my condition.

     I am now struggling to stop using the drug, although i don't believe that it will help with my gyne. I quit for my entire senior year but it didn't seem to have any affect whatsoever. I feel like I've been robbed of something and now there's nothing I can do to get it back. I know that pot is not the whole story, mainly because not all pot heads have gyne. My belief is that some people are more susceptible than others and pot only increases the likely hood of you getting this condition. I'm now a college student and cannot afford surgery. I hope I don't have to wait several years for this to go away. Are there any alternatives that might help?

Thanks, and thanks again. If nothing else, I'm glad I'm not alone with this

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I do not know how long you have been lurking, How much you know, or what you have read on this subject.

The issue of Marijuana and its link to Gynecomastia has been hotly debated here several times over the years.

There was so much false anti- Marijuana information in the past that we have a really hard time convincing anyone that there are actual legitimate concerns about its use.

The Government has pretty much prevented honest research and the truth is we don't fully understand the link between Marijuana and Gynecomastia.

There seem to be a number of people who use Marijuana regularly and yet have no Gynecomastia but one simple statistic remains. People who use Marijuana are more likely to have Gynecomastia than people who do not use it.

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Thanks for the reply,

If you read the last paragraph of my post I pretty much stated that exactly.

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Personally I dont believe pot as anything at all to do with gyn, i got it when i was around 12, started smoking weed when i was 16, so i had it way b4 i started smoking and smoking didnt make it worse Iv currently quit and havent noticed any differance in my gyn

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I started smoking pot when i was in very young, around the 6th or 7th grade.

It may very well be that the marijuana caused your problem -- or that it might have been coincidental, given that gyne frequently develops in the same time frame.

Unfortunately, there are no studies available because marijuana is illegal in the US.  All we can do is hypothesize.

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Read an update on the relationship regarding pot and gynecomastia here.
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