Author Topic: READ IF YOU ARE WORRIED ABOUT SURGERY  (Read 1797 times)

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Before I got my surgery, I was really worried that there would be something wrong. There are many, many horror stories and complaints posted on this website and others. Just remember, most people who post back are the ones who have a problem. I would say a LARGE majority have had successful surgeries and just have forgotten about this website. I promised myself I would post after my surgery. I had it about 10 months ago and everything is great. The money was the only problem haha.

Anyways, do not hesitate. Don't think your life worries will be over with the surgery, but it definitely makes things easier. I'm too lazy to go back and edit, so sorry if I make no sense.

-A med school student who is thankful to be "cured".

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OP is right. I was very active here the first 2 weeks after surgery but after that I was too busy out there living life, not concerned about my gyno anymore. I'm pretty sure most people who had surgery are so happy with their results they have moved on.


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