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Hello all! I'm sports kid(and I want to be annonimous) and I suffer Gynecomastia since I was 11. I' m now in the age of 14 and still have it. I do gymnastics almost daily(14 hours a week) and my gynecomastia is quite small compared with other of you. My breast are only in the right side of my chest, for unknown reasons(for me...). Since i'm 14,I cant work and I can do what all of you are doing...saving money for a surgery. I get some money every month but only by the age of 55 I should be able to pay the surgery! I get more less 18 euros a month By the way.

My biggest problem is that I sometimes want to go to the beach, and I cant, I want to go to the pool, I cant, i want to have my shirt off when it's hot(I live in Portugal...It's god damn hot in here)and I can't. And, when I try to "seduce" a girl, I always get thinking:" hmmm...she might like me, my body, my mind, but she wont ever but ever like me without my shirt, so is that worth it, to get a girl? Probably not"

I already went to the pediatrition(I dont know if it is like this how you say), and asked about this and she said only this"Dont worry much about that, in two years, it will go away(when I'm 16). 1 or 2 months later, i asked my mother: "when do we go to the doctor again? This isnt going away" She said" It will, when you re 16"... It wouldnt be bad if it went away by the age of 16, but by the stories I already read(plenty of them) it doesnt go away by the age of 16.

I am relatively muscled(not excessivly) and I have very few fat, but the Gynecomastia doesnt go away.

My Questions are:

1- Does this really go away by the age of 16?
2- Is there any other way out besides surgery?
3- Should I try to suggest any kind of medication to my pediatrition?

I'm not british or american or any other english speaking country, so some words might not be correct, such as pediatrition, I only learn it in school

Hope you have time to read this and help me and all my torments since I was 11

PS:I forgot to talk about how people made fun of me when I was 12...the worst year ever for me...

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I am not a specialist but from what I read and saw I will try to answer these

1- Does this really go away by the age of 16?
There are cases, and they are common where  gyno goes away, like my brother he is 17 and he had a huge chest but with wokring out and exercise and the right diet he lost all the fat and now he only has gyno, but its getting smaller...

2- Is there any other way out besides surgery?
-All the docs are everyone says Nope, u cant burn gyno away its a gland and it cant be taken out unless u surgecly remove it.

3- Should I try to suggest any kind of medication to my pediatrition?
-if ur referring to medication to decrease the gyno gland then I dont think its possible...hopefully Dr. Jacobs or one of the other docs will reply to this but what I told u is pretty much a small detail on what a professional doc would tell you.
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